1 month of using Zorin

Feedback from a game and website designer:

  1. Ability to take screenshot of the login and lock screen
  2. Improve the desktop icon layout / grid. It’s the most important aspect of a desktop computer and even more so for users switching from Windows.
  3. Change the start menu icon. Zorin is a nice brand name and the website looks great. However, the hexagon icon is ugly. Making it circular would be best and remove the Z. Z doesn’t go well with circles. Only the lightning style Z would work but that’s different. Maybe a simple circle? Animated, glowing, LED style circle. And add option to change the LED color so it’s consistent with Zorin appearance themes.

The start button is the core of desktop computers. Its super important. Having the circle animated with LED will make it stand out and differentiate in a positive way to other operating systems.

  1. Speaking of Zorin Appearance: Zorin Appearance should be Appearance. There shouldn’t be a unique button for Zorin Appearance. That just slows the user down. Inherit the background and lock screen wallpaper within Appearance (Zorin Appearance) or put it somewhere else. The only worthy of using accent color is the purple one. The rest are badly made. Please refine those and add different blend of colors. The red looks like it’s closer to orange on the RGB scale. Pinkish red would be sexier and appealing to the eye.

  2. The panel position on the lock screen/login screen should be the same as the users preference for the desktop panel position.

  3. Add subtle dividers in the panel. It’s nice but it can be beautiful and organized. It’s messy right now.

  4. Add a native wallpaper switcher. If Variety is open source, try porting it to Zorin and make it work consistently. It’s out of date, but works still.

  5. Add settings to the right click on desktop. I think settings is crucial and having quick access from the get go, instead of clicking the start menu etc, is much better.

  6. When there’s something in the trash, it should change icon so the user knows there’s something there.

  7. This should be rounded. https://imgur.com/a/eJzYSel
    or just remove it, make it like win 10. no need to waste space

  8. Ability to change the Zorin login wallpaper. This wallpaper: https://start.zorin.com/

  9. Add a refresh option on desktop right click and make it actually function. Sometimes my cursor or something is bugged and I wanted to refresh so it fixes / cleans the desktop.

  10. Take design lessons from ubuntu 20. When we change a Zorin theme (accent color), that doesn’t mean every thing thing should be like that 100%. Some contrasting and adding matching colors (color pallets) should be taken into consideration. This will improve the beauty of the OS and will make it nice to look at. Also, giving too much customization will be detrimental. For example, if some popular youtube that’s bad at design, changes color of something, and make a gameplay video and uses zorin, users will see it - that will give a negative point to zorin.

" the masses are never right. If the masses knew how to build great things and create great wealth we’d all already be done. "

  1. Add pinch to zoom like Win 10 for laptop users.

  2. Avoid introducing users (specifically Win 10, 90%+ of computer users) to XFCE, KDE and other stuff like that. Those technologies are unstable, messy, complex, inconsistent and non-uniformal. Just add the neccessary features to the core of Zorin and make it easier to use. No need to be a highly customizable OS - that will backfire and kill the project while Microsoft continues winning.

Zorin OS should differential and be a real alternative to Windows - not another complex and inefficient Linux OS. Zorin caters to the mass, not only to Linux experts/programmers.

  1. Stack date and time like Windows 10.

  2. Just 1 Zorin version. No need for lite, education and ultimate. Unify the users. I know the differences are minor, but the phycological feeling in users head exists. Merge ultimate with Core and just call it Zorin OS. Remove the unwanted apps/games/media/business stuff. No one cares about that. Installation support should be standard.

You can add a paywall and say its to support development. Simple and sincere. Users can get a free trial and then be prompted to pay to stop annoying them with “trial-is-over” notification. Make it cheap yet attractive, like £6.99. £6.99 is still expensive in many countries (people work for £10/day!), so detect user location and give appropriate discount. Say you support Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

If these suggestions/feedbacks are implemented, and the Zorin project continues going to the right path, expect some companies offering to buy it. If Zorin decides to go the same path as other non-Ubuntu operating systems, they’ll just be a niche and/or die out.

I recommend watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLib5QX9qMw

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That’s not the goal of a linux disto I guess.

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Agreed. That one sentence struck out just as boldly to me, as well.

Wunzer, I read the entire post. Including having to update the reading. :wink:
Some of these strike me as very far into “personal Opinion” territory. This is really a big part of why theming is such a big part of Linux and why it is a shame that some try to suppress it.
Your icon suggestions could be very helpful to the Zorin Team, though.
Many of your suggestions deserve examination and consideration. That truly is a great list of many thoughtful suggestions.
But that another member zeroed right in on that One Not-so-FOSS sentence in the same exact manner as I did… It really does distract from your entire post.
Zorin OS stands as a means of Helping Users migrate and adapt to an OS that is actually unlike Windows. It is UNIX-like. It cannot emulate or become a Window-style OS. Please remember that a big part of what actually motivates many people to migrate away from Windows-- That they do not like Windows.

Hello and appreciate the response.

You said “Please remember that a big part of what actually motivates many people to migrate away from Windows-- That they do not like Windows.”

Yes, that’s right, but they want to leave Windows because of inferior aspects of it. My suggestions don’t include inferior aspects of Windows. Learning from other operating systems to make yours better is a good strategy and all smart companies and people do it.

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That you left such an extensive feedback for the Zorin Team to look over speaks volumes about your belief and passion for the Linux project.
I will extend a point:
It is not always about doing “Smart” business. Sometimes, it is about doing what is right.

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Since Zorin OS has a form of payment in place, it suggests that Zorin brothers could be willing to collaborate with a wealthy company if the right deal strikes. In fact, Zorin brothers should be looking for investors with a good contract that respects privacy and superiority of an OS while making profit at the same time.

Better have a true Windows 10 replacement than a mediocre OS. Zorin has that potential and the owner(s) need to push towards that direction. Life is short, so lets have a proper Windows 10 alternative, with proper driver and gaming support.

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My suggestions are for the betterment of Zorin OS and therefore the Linux community. That is doing what is right. For an OS to flourish, it needs proper support and development - this comes from having major financial backing. Money solves money problems. One money problem Zorin has is that it clearly cannot hire more developers to encourage faster development. This goes for all Linux distros. Linux community mainly consists of geeks that like to deal with stuff under the hood. That’s fine, but I see that Zorin wants to appeal primarily to the mass majority who want a fully functional and user-experience focused OS (game/driver/app support). Zorin already appeals to geeks and that’s fine, but it’s a better and a more appropriate strategy to appeal to the common userbase.

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From a marketing perspective I’d offer the distro name should be reconsidered. I can only speak from American culture but ZORIN sounds like a sci-fi villian name, whether we go all the way back to Flash Gordon serials or all the way up to STAR TREK GENERATIONS.

In the mostly male world of Linux (have you been to YouTube?) a ‘bad-@$$’ name like ZORIN helps. But when we switch to the masses you want a softer/friendlier name.

I wish Steve Jobs hadn’t already taken NEXT OS.

Yep. part of the attraction. :thinking: Could have been “Microhard”, I suppose.
I appreciate the devs have kept the family name. Maybe they have a sign over their door “Zorin & Zorin Est. 2010”.

  1. What’s wrong with the desktop icon layout?

  2. I find the desktop start icon so diminutive to not be an issue… but if we were to picky, yeah, it could look a little better.

  3. Agreed

  4. I’d like to easily move everything on the right to the top of screen in a transparent way.

  5. Why not

  6. Oh my. If we’re going to open that can of worms. Three fingers up = activities. Three fingers down = reveal desktop. (A detail of how to return to original state must be worked out, but hey.)

  7. Holy carp do I agree here.
    Linux fan: The beauty of a good distro is that you can make it anyway you like… heehee.
    Linux noob: The horror of any distro is that you can break it with the greatest of ease.
    Please please please never blame Windows users for needing something that just works. Absolutely no one wants something that isn’t as stable as what they’re being invited to abandon. FOSS-SCHMOSS! If a distro is less stable than Windows or Mac, that’s a non-starter.

  8. Disagree. It should instead be easy to place outside of the panel as the installer of Zorin does. (Am I missing an easy way to do this?) What I would add is why not have panel preferences emerge with a right click of the panel… something Windows got right.

  9. Agree that there should be one version. (And it does come off as kinda rude that the ‘Mac’ version is behind a paywall, as in those tools are used to paying big bucks.)

I suppose you could say there should be one ‘robust’ version and one lite version for really old hardware. Yet… this old hardware stuff holds back what is otherwise a modern OS. Perhaps abandon Lite for other distros. Lite is so ‘dead end’ too if you think about it.

Regarding a paywall – that is tricky. If I can get this distro to be stable for a month I’ll do it. (I’m on my 2nd try.)

I wish the open source world offered one way to kinda help everyone at once. Well, not everyone, but suppose I could volunteer an annual payment of $20. Then I could say give Zorin this, LibreOffice that, VLC this, Firefox that.

Then – get this – all those apps would look different on a donors computer and phones. Something simple. Maybe a color or a gold star. It would be a thing of pride. Even $5 a year for countries with lower wages.

Regarding Windows 20 Concept by Avdan: when I saw this I flipped the :duck: out. This is what Windows 10 should have been introduced as. The way Mac OS was introduced with it’s future look already baked in.

Why I like Zorin is its where Windows should already be. I used Mac OS only for 29 years straight. The only thing holding back many Mac users from switching is the painfully so crawl of improving the Win10 interface.

I fear Linux has this very narrow open ‘window’ to steal users from all sorts of places. If Windows 20 ever became a thing – for good and bad reasons it would really dominate.

I know, I know. Redmond can’t be trusted. Neither can Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and… apparently… Canonical.


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Having been a geek for decades I hadn’t noticed until a few years ago that Microsoft is a terrible name in a patriarchy.

Macrohard is less emasculating…


… or lets go with what Computing Weekly did in its ongoing ‘soap opera’ of a development team. “We can’t release the current version, it would fall over as soon as you run it.” “Yes we can Microslop do it all the time!” :rofl:

In respect of KDE, well that depends on which OS you are using. Currently Zorin can only offer (via Synaptic) a slightly older version of Plasma to the one I use to do my work on on a daily basis:

The mass doesn’t like a softer/friendlier name. Zorin looks epic and users would appreciate an epic yet clean and minimal OS. Take a look at video games, company names, nicknames of people, etc etc etc, very small amount of people like soft names. This isn’t a meditation app.

Zorin is a perfect name, better than Next.

Your comments here are extremely naïve. Microsoft has spent decades cornering a market, has done all they could to encourage hardware manufacturers to write drivers for their hardware for Windows, and has a literal army of developers, many of which who are experts after decades of experience working on the Windows.

Do you know why there is no real contender to Windows? Because no one is willing to spend the huge amount of money necessary to develop it, at a loss for most likely 5 years before seeing even a slight dent in the market.

Zorin OS is Ubuntu with a some reskinning. Some excellent work for sure. But don’t get carried away.

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You must admit, however, that increasing driver and gaming support would go a long way in increasing Linux Popularity. I do not see that as a Zorin issue, rather as a Linux issue. Personally I am not a gamer. It creates a bias in me that I often forget that for those who are, they feel less impressed on Linux than I do since they have some different priorities.

Excellent work, indeed. Fortunately with open source, we can examine changes made to packages as well as choices made in inclusion. I have done this and I would highly recommend it to you and to others.
Looking ‘under the hood’ you will find that there is a lot more going on than just reskinning. From backported software to a large array of adjustments to vetted updates.
Essentially, yes - Zorin is Ubuntu in the gears. Even on this forum, we often refer to Ubuntu tutorials and they will apply and work on most things. It also is not limited to just the skin, either.
But I do see your point. The OP refers to a large development in packages and integration that goes beyond a Distributions means, much less a Two Man operation.

This of course is a debatable opinion, but I’d have you consider this –

2020-10-08 13_32_14-DistroWatch.com_ Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

I’d describe MX Linux as ‘neutral’, meaning it’s neither soft nor aggressive. Manjaro is neutral too. Starts ‘manly’ (lol) but softens with that ‘jaro’.

Mint is a marketer’s dream. Who doesn’t love a little mint in their chocolate chip ice cream?

Ubuntu is neutral on the up side. It has lots of hidden double O’s. As in OooboonToo.

Pop! OS just sounds fun. (Kinda on the nose, though.)

Debian (from an American POV) isn’t the friendliest sounding. Don’t ask me to explain why. It seems technical, I guess.

Solus is soft as a sunny day and Fedora is a nice hat. And Elementary takes a nod from Apple, which everyone loves the sound of. (The experience of Apple, lol, is a different story.)

So that’s 3 neutrals and 6 gentlers in the Top Ten.

Yes, I know, that list doesn’t reflect marketing terms but user downloads. Still, and there’s no real science to this – I promise you that if Mint rebranded to Xenor it would begin to drop in popularity.

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And yet update 2004 would make you wonder if a word of this was true. (I’m not knocking you but voicing frustration on behalf of Windows 10 users.)

Some years ago I put this on some distro board somewhere and I will again here.

I appreciate the frustration Linux has with hardware support. In an ideal world all (say) laptops would work the exact same way so that all Linux distros worked perfectly everywhere.

Since that’s not the case Zorin has taken the drastic – yet – understandable option of commissioning (?) their own hardware. Solving that problem.

I think shoppers, however, want the choice of Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, etcetera. A ‘System 76’ understandably makes them nervous and if their prices are higher fahgetaboutit.

A solution I see if Ubuntu based distros joined forces. And what they did (rather quietly and all secret like) sniff out a few pieces of hardware from other vendors.

Let’s say they figured, okay, this Asus AMD Vivobook is really nice, supports Ubuntu distros well, and what we’re going to do is make it one of the ‘chosen’ ones.

Perhaps a specially adapted distro is made to ensure it works perfectly. And that version of the distro has a pricetag on it. So you can either buy the laptop and force a generic distro install for free – or – buy a reasonably price custom distro for it and enjoy it.

Every participating Ubuntu flavor would even have a part of the board devoted to users of that piece of hardware.

Say this was done with 6 units a year. That way Linux could benefit from somebody else making the hardware, put a little cash in their pockets, and make switching real easy. For the unit would ship with Windows as a fallback scenario.

Just thinking out loud.

DebIan is so named because Ian Woods (R. I. P.) met his intended in a coffee bar in the US, Debbie. That is why the logo for DebIan is a coffee swirl; a reminder of where Deb met Ian. Now that’s a love story. Now Canonical sounds like an OS coming out with all guns firing. I used to like Ubuntu when I discovered it 3 years after its Primary launch, Ubuntu 8.10. But as time has gone on I’ve learned to hate it with a vengeance. Why? If you look at its bootloader in live mode, can’t remember at which release it claims it is Ubuntu with Linux. This means that Mr Shuttleworth’s company believes it is greater than the Linux kernel. You will notice the difference with a live boot of Zorin which acknowledges GNU/Linux (No GNU = No Linux). What we have to remember is that free software is based on community made up of software developers and users that (should) respect each other and listen to what users and developers are saying to those that hold sway. Gnome (and now it appears xfce is following suit) are delivering or intend to deliver what they think is best for the community. In one respect this can lead to better things happening if enough people get together and forge a different DE that meets both the demands of the user and the developers. I feel humanity has lost its capacity to listen to what others are saying. The classic response to any changes shortcomings from someone at the bottom of the chain of command is usually met with “I hear what you say” whilst inwardly the person at the top of the chain who said that is thinking (what makes you think A) you know better than me, and B) we are gonna push this through regardless of your view point, and C) you can always leave. Only if the phrase from the Navy is added after “I hear what you say… and I will take it on board” indicates some room for manoeuvre but not at the expense of the bulk of the projects intentions. Anyone for Tweaking? I got involved with Zorin because a) I wanted people to experience that you don’t have to stick with one OS, and b) don’t necessarily have to stick with Zorin. With regard to Solus I’ll never touch it again. Why? Because I was threatened with a ban because I offered solutions that I had written on the old Zorin forum and in retaliation I pulled all my Solus walls off opendesktop. I’ve got a better idea… why don’t we have GNU/Linux OS then just add the DE of your choice? Enter Sparky Linux!

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Have you not checked the link to Zorin Computers? Unfortunately, this side of the pond can only offer you Star Labs as a worldwide distributor of Linux notebooks. And sadly you don’t have access to another great Linux hardware vendor, https://www.entroware.com/store/

What you as a user sees is not the whole picture. Windows has a whole massive library of legacy software that MS has to work to maintain in future version of the software. This gives Windows an overhead that most users can’t appreciate.

I’m not defending MS for their invasion of privacy, but people who look at Windows and don’t see the technical prowress that the software represents are missing a big part of the picture.

Windows is a technologically superior piece of software. Think of how much hardware Windows runs on. It runs on more stuff than Linux in fact.

If MS hadn’t eroded privacy on the platform, there wouldn’t be any reason to even look at Linux.

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