2 SSD - 2 OS, 1 per SSD

I will have a laptop with 2 internal SSDs.
I will have 1 with Windows 10 and plan to install Zorin on the 2nd SSD. Like this each OS will have its own SSD.

How will then I be able to access Zorin? Will I have to change the Bios to boot on the 2nd SSD (and change back when I want to use Windows) or I will have a prompt automatically asking me like if if I had the 2 OS on the same SSD?
Thank you

BIOS decides which drive will be asked first. My recommendation is have the Windows drive boot before the other one. Then install Win, use EasyBCD to manage booting from Win. In EasyBCD you can have Win boot manager decide whatever order you want for the OSs but by setting up booting from Win boot loader it may be easier. I could be wrong but I thought I read about systems getting fussy when Linux grub was allowed to prioritize the process. Just FYI, I use this method with a Win 7 dual boot but it should be fine with Win 10 as well.