20 things to do after installing Zorin 16

So stumbled on this YouTube video today. He mentions some cool stuff like the battery life and stuff but was wondering if someone more knowledgeable has seen it and knows if anything he mentions is bad from a performance perspective.


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Ya I use brave as well.

Ya there are a few DNS servers that you can use. is googles so it might track but there are other free ones you can use. You can change these on your home router as well so dhcp will give that DNS to all your devices.

Ya sorry I looked up the ones I’m thinking of, is the fastest doesn’t collect your data. collects some data, mostly none user specific, but offers good security as in it won’t resolve web address of some sketchy sites.

AdGuard DNS also removes ads from all the devices browsing internet and connected to the local network, if installed on the router

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Hey, I use tlp now since I have Zorin installed and does it's job pretty well. It limits my battery from going beyond 60%, that is what my battery EEPROM supports, same as on Windows 10 (Yoga 530, AMD).
It was not easy to configure it though, I had my learning curve, but figured out eventually. The wiki on the official site is quite OK, and I recommend to check out the github site, especially the issues part.

And there is more! :smiley:
Now we have GUI for it: (well, you can have tlpgui, which I use for one, I don't necessarily dig fancy sh*t, but it's me)

Let me know how it works and if you have any issues with it. :wink:

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