2011 MacBook Pro - Fantastic results, but just two things

I got tired of trying to run MacOS using OCLP on this old MacBook Pro so I blew away MacOS and loaded Zorin. It's like a new machine!

OK, I'm an old guy, 62, and I've only been around Linux for about ten years so I don't consider myself experienced, at all, but I've worked through a few things to tweak Zorin on this machine and there are still two things that I haven't been able to fix:

  1. At startup the desktop always reverts to the one where the dock is on the left (although the regular/selected/desired dock still appears on the bottom where I want it). It's like two desktops are loading. So every time I start up I have to go into Zorin Appearance app and the layout I want is already selected (the one on the lower left) and then I have to click on an alternate layout (the one on the lower right) wait for it to load and then click back to the one on the lower left and the one on the lower left then is reloaded correctly (without any dock on the left border). It's a nit, I know but bothersome. Any ideas?

  2. Every time I restart the MacBook the Zorin screen brightness resets to about 30%. I have no idea why but following every reboot I have to go into the system tray and adjust the brightness back up to 50%.

Other than that every thing works great! Having a quality-built 17-inch laptop that only cost me about $175 is fantastic. Highly recommend!

Thanks in advance for any and all help on this!

Chris R.

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Do you have the auto brightness feature on this 2011 Mac? If so, that might be the possible cause of this issue.

This may be due to a file in ~/.config or do to a misbehaving gnome extension.
If a .config file, you can mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk and reboot and test if the problem persists. If it does not persist, you can setup your preferred settings again and reboot and test.

You can try disabling all extensions except for the Zorin App Menu extensions - then testing if the problem persists. If it does not persist, you can begin enabling extensions and testing for when the problem reappears to narrow down which is responsible.

Or you could sudo apt install --reinstall the full list of gnome-extensions in one command to see if that does the trick.

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