30 years Windows, 1 month Mint, 1 hour Zorin - why I removed it

I liked the few sparse reviews and when I was told you can get the Windows 7 look and feel, I was hooked. Then I did not find much about information comparing the versions, except some very vage comparison on the Zorin page, so I did not want the education bloat - I chose Core 15.3
Installation went normal as used from Mint. The first look of the interface and desktop was pleasing BUT:

  • My language is English and my Keyboard is Spanish, so why is the date with a Spanish weekday, and the search engine in Firefox thinks I speek Spanish? (non of these errors are in Mint)

  • I tried to install Double Commander, but the search via the software installation did not find it. (shopping is not a good name [replaced by moderator - Name-calling] for software installation)

  • I tried for Plank, since I worke with a top (Apple like) menu on Windows for years and have it on all my Mint installations (4 pc), but no Plank except some vage Plank utility what from the description was not what I wanted.

  • where was Redshift, oh it neeeds to be installed first and then has no idea where I am even the time zome was selected during the installation, so it does not work.

  • I tried to customize my desktop to a more colorful Windows 7 experience, but was severly limited to Zorin presets and could not find where to download other themes.

  • Sorry Zorin Brothers, but I came for the customisation of the interface, but it seemed to me that you severly limit peoples choice and stick them with a limited software choice.

  • Also it was mentioned that Wine would be included, but when I clicked on my first windows program, Wine needed to install itself, what was overall automatic and needed just a few Enter keys to do it including the 3 dependencies.

  • so what I get is a severly crippled interface what looks nice at the first view but then is quite limited and a few other ni**les.

  • after an hour customasing and installation troubles, checking the forum for Plank and saw a Zorin response you need the pay version with the Apple interface to have an Apple like menu bar, it was time to put Mint on my newest install.

  • Sorry, I tried, but you Zorins going the wrong way.

and what is this when I want to post ,"Your post contains a word that’s not allowed: ni**les.
EXCUSE ME [edited out by moderator - Ad hominem]? look in the dictionary it stands for something what anoys you. the 2 ** are gg. Gosh - really???