4 gb ram ok?

I recently obtained a Lenovo laptop that the original owner no longer needed. It has a Celeron processor, a 115 GB SSD, and 4 GB of RAM. i plan to wipe the SSD and install Zorin 16 (no dual boot). I will be using this machine for Web surfing and document creation (no big-time gaming). Is 4 GB enough RAM for my needs? If not, how much more should I install?

It should be for light tasks, as long you don't have 10+ tabs open in the browser.


With surfing on internet, document creation is enough
In case of games, depends a lot what game do you want.

But for basic use 4GBs is enough
I recomend use Zorin Os lite for the laptop hardware

Would like to know more about this, rather than the RAM...

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