6 months of Zorin as my daily driver

and I am impressed! I've been able to come from windows, find replacements for most of my apps and software making my laptop practical and usable for daily driving and then some. i've picked up some basic customization skills along the way, learned that the terminal isn't so scary (yet still dangerous) as i thought it was lol, and got up and running in no time. an audio and brightness adjustment issue held me back for a bit, but i went out of my comfort zone to try new fixes and didnt give up, which proud to say i finally fixed them both! :smiley:

thank you to all the regulars on the forum making this slice of the web just as pleasant for new comers as the OS itself. the thing i like most about Zorin is it doesn't overwhelm you right out the gate, settings and menus are simple and even more intuitive than windows in a lot of areas, but when you're ready for more depth that's there too. and you all making tutorials and guides for us is much appreciated! the OS and the forum are a great combo and i can see why Zorin comes so highly recommended for newcomers like me.

thanks and take care everyone


Well said! My experience with Zorin OS has also been more or less the same. I first switched to it 4 months ago (back when I was a complete newbie to Linux) and I'm loving it! It is my main OS now.
Zorin OS was easy to use right out of the box. Many of the programs I use work with it near-perfectly (I have Windows VMs to use the few programs that don't). Even Linux Mint, in my opinion, was harder to configure and customize to suit my tastes (though it is purely personal experience-based).


This is the best review I have read, yet.

Nailed it.


Agreed. Zorin Kicks A...

I'm still surprised I have Zorin Pro as my daily driver and haven't installed Lite.
And Lite is best thing since colored TV's were invented. Or is it the remote...
Flat Screen.... OK, you know what I mean....


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