A new category in the forum : suggestions to improve Zorin OS from real users

I suggest the administrator should add such a category in the forum.
Maybe its title should be : Towards a better Zorin OS!

I think the existing Feedback section already includes capability for users to comment on existing and also suggest new features for ZorinOS.

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Changed to Feedback Forum.

Yes, I have often thought we need a more "off-topic" subforum which can accommodate those tricky and hard to place topics.

The problem I see with a specific board for "improvements" is most of those improvements will be the same as found in other distros. For those individuals, perhaps Zorin is not their daily driver but want Zorin to be like other distros? Sooner or later, those suggestions when not implemented quickly enough become a point of contention with the requesters.

Eventually, the search engines catalog all these requests and people doing searches will be presented with a list of what appears to be a lack of features with Zorin...which we know is not the case.

In the past, I have seen often enough on other sites where users have a place to ask for something publicly, they eventually expect that request to be fulfilled. Provide a place for folks to moan, groan and complain...and they will do so.

I am satisfied with using Feedback or simple emailing the lads in the home office. :slight_smile:


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