A request/query for direct Update from 15.3 to 16.x

It’s been 3 years of using Zorin OS , It’s great especially with xfce DE, I (we) would love to see if the developers push bigger Updates, (like 15.3 to 16.x) so that we can update it within the system using check for updates option.
So we could skip the process of reinstalling all our necessary programs or download an ISO and reformatting the partition etc

Is it even possible or if it is, is intended by the team?
I would like to know that

Thanks a lot to the Zorin OS team for their work and build a great Community.

Last I heard, the Zorin devs will provide a direct upgrade with no reinstallation or partition management needed.

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That would be great :slightly_smiling_face:
Worth Appreciating :ok_hand::v:

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This is true, there is supposed to be an update implementation, that allows you to direct upgrade to OS 16 from 15.3, without a total install of new. And if you are running on a computer that is at least a year old or more, the wait time for OS 16 will probably be fine.

For those who are buying brand new computers with the latest tech inside, I wouldn’t install OS 15.3, because it does not have the latest kernal and driver availability for hardware support. So install and run POP OS with XFCE flavor instead.

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Wrong. I have a fairly new Lenovo IdeaPad 3, and the only driver Zorin OS didn’t have preinstalled was the Realtek driver for my Wi-Fi card, and the driver installation is dead simple. Everything else worked perfectly right after installation.

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Yes it all depends on the hardware, not everybody will have the same result. If its working for you, that is excellent!

I currently have an Acer computer from 2012. I don’t know about now, but back then Acer had no interest in having drivers written for Linux, and a driver written for Windows doesn’t work under Linux. So, I have to rely on whats available for Linux, and my WIFI driver is a bit iffy at best.

But thankfully, my old computer has an ethernet jack, back when that was still a popular thing that all notebook computer’s had, well that, and an optical drive. So its not a big deal. Speaking of optical drives, I purchased an external optical drive, cause the new computer won’t have one.

I also got these cool adapters from Ugreen, that allow you to adapt a internal SSD into an external SSD, that way I can use my extra drives with the new computer as well, increase my storage. A 1TB drive may seem big to some, but once you start installing games, it fills up quick lol.

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I have a old i3 2nd gen laptop, drivers Working fine with Zorin os👌


Great :relaxed::ok_hand:

Definitely agree that it depends on the hardware you have, but you shouldn’t discourage people from using a distro because of hardware support. That’s what the HWE stack is for, and I’m pretty sure that’s being updated most days. Plus it has the latest LTS kernel as Ubuntu’s mainline release. As far as drivers, they are mostly universal for LTS releases.

That’s the beauty of not being a mod or DEV member, I have no stock in the project, or the site, so I can give a honest and unbiased opinion. I have paid for Zorin OS 9 Ultimate and OS 12 ultimate, and that’s about it. If an OS works, awesome. But if it doesn’t, move on. If you send a message to the DEV’S asking for support and they answer, awesome. But if it’s over a week later with no response, move on. Because of the direction where things seem to be with Zorin OS, I’ll be moving on, once I get my new computer.