A Zorin 15 one year review

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a Zorin 15 one year review

after being a mac user since the late 90’s I was looking for another operating system that “just worked”

one of the main reasons that the mac OS “just worked” was that Steve Jobs used and loved the products that his company produced and enforced quality control over the years

when I read that Zorin had video card drivers built in and was being billed as a gaming platform, I knew that the guys who were running Zorin were taking a “hands on approach”

And there was gonna be some good quality control with the look and feel

so really, after one year -no disappointments worth mentioning:

getting my HP LaserJet P2035n printer set-up is the only area I had trouble in

it was some kind of an issue with selecting the right diver or something

my recollection was, I was fooling around with settings and driver selection and -boom- the printer just started working -I don’t really know why

on a Mac or Win 10 my HP LaserJet just works no problem

my list of apps is:

I am not enough of PowerUser to know how to use the command line to operate my rig,

the use of the Zorin software app has made my ability to use Linux possible, and to my surprise I have found that the Zorin software app has all of the apps that I need:

Firefox Web Browser

Thunderbird email

Scribus Page Layout and Publication

Sublime Text text editor

FileZilla Download and upload files