Add Pop Shell

(But turn off tiling by default)

You can easily install it:


I know, and I think it is extremely helpful and should be added to zorin. Users who use it and like it are less likely to go back to windows.

Once when you try Linux, you will never switch back to Windows :stuck_out_tongue:
Doesnt matter if it has pop shell or not xD

Perfect example...........

Windows: Forced update begins while your typing a 2000 word essay. Now, the computer restarts, you didn't have a chance to save, 2000 words down the drain, cause Windows had to make sure it enabled the forced telemetry on you in its update.

Linux: (Software) Hi there, just letting you know that you have updates. Would you like to install them now? SURE! Your computer is up to date! What, no restart necessary? Nope, why would we do that?

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