Adding exception rules to Firewall Configuration (Gufw)

Because of some post about connecting mobile phones to ZorinOS and especially to Zorin-Connect or KDE Connect, I was wondering how to tackle this.

Whenever I connect my mobile phone to Zorin, I usually disable the Firewall connection for a while, this to be able to send/copy files from my phone to Zorin or vice versa.

It's been on my mind for a while now, thinking that whenever I disable the Firewall, my system is vulnerable and of course what if I forget to enable this. It's bothers me that my system does not have a significant notification nor can I see the Firewall setting in the taskbar or system menu.

While testing this with the Gufw app, I added a rule to the connection. I must admit that I have no experience with Firewall settings, so I used the preconfigured settings and added the rule for; Zorin Connect (it comes with dozens of other applications which to choose from).

Mine looks like this, but still I am not sure if I choose the right settings.

The options for the settings that needs attention are; Policy and Direction.

Policy - has 4 options: Allow, Deny, Reject and Limit
Directon - has 3 options: In, Out, Both.

Perhaps someone with the knowledge of Firewall settings can tell if the settings/rules are correct for the Gufw application?

BTW - I tested it with Policy: Limit and Direction: Both and it worked.
The Firewall settings were enabled and I am able to connect to my mobile phone without having to alter the Firewall.

I don't use Zorin Connect, and have no experience with it. Having said that however, your Firewall settings look right to me so far. I think you should give yourself more credit, cause your awesome.

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Well, thank you keeper of the Swartz.
But why am I awesome, because of the Firewall settings I have chosen?

You are awesome because you get things right more often then you realize. And I am all to happy to let you know that. Plus, your my favorite Doom Slayer on the board, thanks for keeping those demons from invading the board.

Now, that's a nice thing to say. You know that teaming up with you they are no match for us.

I was wondering about you after reading your post and seeing those pictures of the flood. Hope your not posting with wet pants on. Are you ok now, because you sound real positive.

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Thanks for asking!

I am generally very positive, and try to uplift others spread love and cheer. I do have my moments where I have lows, just like anyone else.

However, when the flood came in, made a mess of my garage, and destroyed over a thousand dollars worth of goods, that I have been able to confirm thus far, I became very depressed. I am prone to depression anyways, so it didn't help.

Eventually I reached a point and said, you know what, there is nothing I can do about it, life happens, we get knocked down, but there is no use whining about it, crying about it, eventually we got to put the big pants on, and keep trucking forward.

So one of the ways I did that, was ordering a new battery charger that I absolutely need to have to maintain my 12v batteries. And I have been trying to get back into helping people as much as I can on here.

And I am watching the typical movies I use to uplift my soul and re-energize me. I mean, I still got a home, even though the roof leaks like a siv, but I still have a home, I am not homeless, there is not a lot of people who can say that.

So, as much awful as the flood did cause, I got to move on, otherwise I will be knee deep in rock bottom depression. So its better to try and get back on that horse, and gallop on forward. Knock over a few trolls on my way, cause who need them right?

And then well, here I am. :slightly_smiling_face:


Has the raining stopped? Guess you right about getting up on your feet. We have to do it all ourselves and if we can help others that are not so fortunate of course. Didn't expect otherwise from you, you're already showing that on this community.

Do you have insurance to rely on. Because its a nature related, is it covered?

I used to have insurance when I had my small engine business. But I was a pandemic victim, and people were not bringing in machine for service, and since I wasn't a full dealership, I had no machines to sell, so no income coming in, hemorging money in bills, I went out of business.

Once your not making income, you can't afford insurance. So ya, no insurance. But I tell you what, I am already hearing from neighbors about how they didn't have specifically flood insurance. And now I am hearing they are getting flood insurance.

Of course, not that it helps you much after the fact, but just goes to show the mindset of folks around here. Truth is, times are changing, the disasters are getting worse globally, each year. Those who used to say, "ohhhhh, that will never happen to me, I live at a place, where I am impervious to mother natures dangers."

Now those same people who used to say that, its not become, "I am so stupid, I wasn't prepared, I thought it wouldn't happen to me, now it has."

And yes, the heavy rains stopped, flood reseeded. We've gotten light sprinkle since, yesterday was nice weather though. I was seeing neighbors load up trailers with all their damaged goods. Makes ya wanna cry.

But like I said, can't cry everyday about it, you just got strap the big pants and boots on, and deal with it. I haven't gotten rid of stuff yet, after I did a little cleaning up in my garage, I just closed her up, and haven't been back out there since I made my last update post.

Eventually, I will have to deal with it of course, but right now, don't feel like it. It will eventually all dry out, wet cardboard, blankets, eventually its gonna dry, I will get rid of it then. Rather not grab ahold of a bunch of soggy junk, and end up getting possibly mold all up in me.

Hearing you say that the times are getting worse and disasters are getting worse, make you think that a insurance of some kind is necessary, but of course if you can afford it.

If the damage is of certain proportions guess it's gonna be a real job to separate what can be salvaged from what to dump.

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp

sudo ufw reload

By making the choices Policy=Limit and Direction=Both the application automatically add these rules to the Firewall, so no need to use the terminal.

But is the Policy set to Limit the right option and do I need Direction set to both.

Sorry, I just opted for the easiest solution.


I do not know.
I wouldn't think so given that where Connect is concerned, it may cause the app to now work properly.
But I have never tried it. I may just be biased since I see threads on this forum trying to figure out what tiny detail is causing Connect to not work correctly.

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