Additional Text Editor features

Can developers develop some extra cool and useful features like removing duplicates like seen as such of Another that comes to mind is zoom-in and out. Just to point it out, sorting would be amazing if possible! These features I am mentioning are mostly inspired by Windows. Thank you for understanding!

Which text editor are you using? Is it the default one called geddit? I don't think geddit is maintained by Zorin Team. You can install other alternatives if you don't like it.

I like it. But it's far from perfect. It's the preinstalled software.
So I am guessing that they have access to some of the code... I don't know, and don't care. Just think its sad that it has so much potential then its missing basic tools.

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I mean, you can try the new Gnome Editor which they're replacing Geddit. I don't think it's in the Zorin Repositories because ZorinOS runs a older version of Gnome. You can try it by using the Flathub.

I think Geddit also supports plugins, you would need to do some searching for it because I don't use Geddit I use Kate which is the default editor for KDE.

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So, why are they running an older version of Gnome? It does not sound reliable. I am gonna wait for them to change it. :frowning: Thank you for answering my question.

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Hi, by the way, I noticed you mentioned something called "Kate". I searched for it in the Software Store and showed two different programs. I also notice on their website and from an ad banner in the store showing their Video Editing software that [Kdenlive] is it any good? I used Adobe Premiere Pro for a while.

Interesting points.
Older - usually means more stable and reliable.
Newest usually means less stable.

As far as what the OS has... perhaps you would be happier on a different OS, then.
Perhaps a nice copy of Microsoft Windows.

Oh, didn't know it would hurt that way. I apologize for hitting the wrong point. This is the third day that you use your operating system and still learn the benefits of freedom instead of hassle-free. I like Zorin. But small things are the reason why some people back away from the Linux world. You are not being a friendly advisor. Have a good day, and stay happy with your response.

Then, allow me to continue that trend:

Watch Your Language.

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I meant scrap-ware some companies like Alienware would preinstall software that is not normally included in the operating system. and I never meant hostility. You are being overly protective. A simple misunderstanding should not make us enemies.

You use such polite words, while dodging.
You specifically referred to gedit and the preinstalled software that comes with Zorin OS.

Now... I normally keep a cool head and stay diplomatic, as a human being about 95% of the time.
You have wedged yourself into the 5% with your misdirection, side-stepping of the Word Filter list and your own hostility in your posts. You are fooling no one.

The only thing you need to say next is: "I understand and will adhere to presenting feedback in a positive manner instead of calling the OS Software Crapware."
Anything else - I close the thread. Welcome to the 5%. This is now Clear.

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OK and?

And Thread Closed.

The forum members and the developers can review and consider constructive criticism without thinly veiled abusive tones and insult. State clear reasons why you dislike the included software or make suggestions of what those improvements might be, instead of using derogatory tones and derision.

The O.P. looks far more like a Spam Advertisement for a website than it does Feedback.