Addons for chromium browser have no menu entry in main app menu

I have switched from chromium browser to Brave (red lion icon).
I have installed Byrd IRC app via google app store as an addon for Brave.
Addons are listed OK within Brave, but there is no way to actually launch an installed addon (no button, no softkey etc.)

To actually start Byrd IRC I have to go to google app store again and browse to Byrd IRC, there is now a button to run Byrd IRC app.

For google chrome and chromium addons there should be a separate folder in main menu of local desktop installation that in this case would contain Byrd IRC app, but there is no menu entry for that.
Unfortunately, after launching the app from google app store, I can enter chat credentials but the app would not connect to anything. Button "Connect" is just absorbed and does nothing.

Can you please share what I could do to fix this?

How did you install Brave Browser? As I recall, the devs made this one tricky, offering only snap Or flatpaks and to install a .deb package that can actually interact with your system requires jumping through some hoops.


I used to get the nightly .deb from the link. I could never get the sources list to work properly.Releases · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

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I used Zorin's Software app to install it. At the moment I am having issues with it (can launch it, but won't display SW properly and shows mouse waiting animation endlessly).
I cannot really say I installed from snap, flatpak or proper debian package.

Now that Software is back running again I could check Brave's entry.
Apparently origin is

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There is the cause, right there.

I installed it from Brave's own repository (added to apt sources list) so now it is at least properly known to package management. Hehe, right then... but... Byrd still no success. I think I'll try other apps for irc for now.

I could be wrong.
Perhaps it is an issue with the add-on itself. Have you tried communicating with the Byrd Developer on this issue?

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