Adobe Flash Player

Hello. I have question if Adobe Flash Player working in Zorin.
I tried installed for child a game name what have a launcher. exe and tried started with wine but not working. This is old Farmville 2 web browser a game.
It comes from Zynga. Adobe Flash Player discontinued 2020 and then developers created launcher app for this games. Next question if I can use this social app

For seconf question i find answear here: Download Line for Android free |

I use the standalone flash_player_sa_linux.x86_64 - This way nothing is installed and I can drag and drop a flash file onto it to open and run it.

HTTP waiting for answear ...

Where the discontinued flash is concerned... there are no guarantees.

But I have a copy. If push comes to shove, I can just send it to you. It's a standalone.

yes but server not answear. Could it not exist on server macromedia?
On github code exist.

Try green button Code and download the file.

Nothing. The file have this name FarmVille2Launcher.msi
I think this is not for linux.

How open this Free Calls i mean xapk in software i think archive you can change settings to use software installation in settings file

@Aravisian I think this not working but I agree if something doesn't exist in 2020 then this is normal why not implemented in Zorin. I can live with this. Thanks and I am comfortable using a Zorin. Good choice.

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Installed power shell something interesting.

.xapk will run on Android (apkpure and xapk installer)
but not Linux unless your using an android emulator.

Flash hasn't been supported for some time now. Other than the git that aravisian has provided i don't know of anything that will support flash.

Linux isn't windows. Not everything for windows runs on wine. You're better off installing windows on a virtual machine if you can't find a Linux equivalent. More software will be supported that way.

What I can choose a best option which version windows on virtual box to can use a flash player win95 or higher or some another option?

If I created ISO my operating system and put in virtual box zorin it will be working properly? Any guide How to Convert a Physical Windows or Linux PC to a Virtual Machine ?? It will be working or you have better solution?

If you’re converting a Windows PC to a virtual machine, remember that you may encounter licensing issues. Windows Activation may detect that it’s running on a different machine, and you may have to contact Microsoft to get it properly activated. Windows licenses are only supposed to be in use on one computer at a time.
With a windows key activation here some information how to fix that.

Licensing shouldn't be an issue because it's the same machine. If you were running multiple versions of windows or windows was never in that machine, then it might be an issue.

How to do this is for you to explore. This forum is about and for zorin os, not how to install windows, in any manner.

I found a solution. Just wondering if live box on zorin will be working smoothly without problems. I heard and reading on some operative linux live box working very well and faster from traditional computers.
If i writing something it could be usefull. @337harvey I still understand this forum about zorin but many people don't have with this problem. Example taken a comparison w7 and zorin or another distribution linux. Forum is for people who want share a knowledge. I just try find a solution I would like to use Zorin every day without jumping from one operating system to another and compromise to keep everything working.

There are multiple virtual machine software to assist in running other OS's on your system. The choice is personal preference. Most of the users here have mentioned and use VMWare or Virtual Box. There are many to choose from and it will depend on your hardware and personal opinion which you go with. There is no right answer, so am unable to say that you won't have problems with a VM. It is subjective, since everyone's hardware is different and opinions run in various directions for software. I could say that live box would be fine, but it may turn out that your system would be better with VMWare or some other software. Review each from the following link and choose what best fits your system.

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@337harvey thank you for your support.

If you are going to install Windows VM, I recommend to use VMWare. It is free for personal use:

I had a really close look at both VMWare and VirtualBox and my conclusion is that VMWare runs Windows more smooth than VirtualBox.

I think for your use case, Qemu is an over-kill. Also the interface is not very beginner friendly.

Yes i reading on some internet websides the VMWare is better for any type linux from virtual box.

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