After a good month or two

First of all, I can’t complain about Zorin… it is quick, highly customizable and works great.

  • My Opinion on a few things follows *
    ++ The equivalent of the Task Manager is stylish and gives in my eyes a much nicer UI than Windows.
    ++ No to acceptable bloatware comes woth the System. And when, you can see why it’s there just by klicking on it.
  • Firefox is pre installed

No Email Programm comes with Zorin. Nether good nor bad.

  • The settings are clean, sometimes to clean.
  • When having a dark setting, Text dissapears when marked. Some apps are difficult to read because they only take the background colour but don ajust the text colour.
    – USB Devices can create … well, clones? I can’t tell what does it, but hotswaping drives via a drivebay creates these…

    (If someone can tell me how i can get rid of the copies, that would be awesome)
    All in all, Zorin is a good alternative to Windows, with a looong way to go.

Don’t know what variant of Zorin you installed, but on my Zorin Education Lite, there is Thunderbird ready to use.

Pro doesn’t come with a Email Programm.

Hello, @Replicant

By mentioning “Pro”, I’ll have to presume you meant the “Ultimate” edition.

I don’t use Ultimate, but have you looked inside your Menu area under “Internet” to see if Evolution is preinstalled (view screen shot below)?

If not, open the Software center and type “email” in the search area. Afterwards, you can choose one to install.


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