After I installed KDE Plasma in zorin 15.3 I can see a very old version. Please help

The version which I can see in KDE-plasma right now is 5.12.9 which is nearly 3 years old. Please help on how to update it

Try KDE-neon if you want the latest. Zorin 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 so there's no wonder if it feels old.

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Is there no other way rather than distro switching because its been a month I have settled on zorin, installed all the apps I need. it does not seem practical to switch the distro... Please help

Question for the forum members that really know: Can Anuj run a sudo apt upgrade command and then --upgradable looking to see if Plasma is in the list. And then if so, run sudo apt upgrade? Thoughts?

I ran apt list --upgradable but I cannot see Plasma listed

On Zorin OS 15.3, the Compatible Plasma D.E. is

On Zorin OS 16, it is 5.18.7


Ok, so I will wait for zorin os for a direct upgrade from 15.3 to 16

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