After one month, got everything perfect (I hope)

Took that long to learn a few things (noob), add the features I wanted and fix some glitches. Somewhat out of order:


*Remapped mouse keys using Input Remapper (side buttons do volume up/down, middle does Back)
*Created shortcut icons to websites using Chrome Apps (found this myself)
*Added day of week to clock (Gnome Tweaks, retired person thing)
*Swapped Caps Lock and Esc (Gnome Tweaks, bad typist thing)
*Detached Model Dialogues for Pinta graphics app (Gnome Tweaks, tho I do like Gimp)
*Fixed disappearing icons by cleaning and swapping memory (biggie)
*Fixed printer glitch (unplugged printer, rebooted, added printer)
*Fixed Store search coming up empty (pasted in command to refresh)
*Added Show Desktop button (Taskbar settings)
*Created hole in Firewall for Zorin Connect (two commands)
*Created hole in Firewall for Plex (created file)
*Fixed popping sound as amp came on/off (ran script, edited file)
*Fixed error message when Updating (supplied missing key)
*Use Alt+Spacebar to prevent PIP videos from displaying on other Workspaces
*Created Link in Home to my HDD Windows user folders
*Added clipboard manager that runs in the tray, ClipIt
*Installed SweetHome 3D (only architectural app I have mastered)
*Installed Deluge torrent app
*Installed Windows app installer (haven't used)
*Installed Zoom
*Set Power button to Suspend (no password needed to start)


*Fixed slow scrolling with Linux Scroll Fix extension
*Set text to Large
*Turned on smooth scrolling in flags
*Turned off hardware acceleration (otherwise, choppy video on older PCs)

Don't plan on becoming a command line commando. I mostly copy and paste. Plus run sudo -i nautilus to browse files as root so I can edit/create them. Now that everything's settled, I don't expect to use the terminal much, if at all.

Old Lenovo dual core desktop, 3GHz, 6GBs, SSD boot drive, HDD, DVD.

Now I am ready to install Zorin on more of our PCs.


I like the original logo wallpaper you have there TabNumlock1! :sunglasses:

Sometimes you get sick of scenery. Couldn't find a 1920x1080 tho, but it looks OK.

You could open GIMP and use Image/Scale and set it to 1920 x 1080? :wink:

The OS will stretch it full-screen. Just sayin' it would look better if it didn't have to be stretched.

BTW, I have no complaints about the Core Start Menu. You can customize it with the Main Menu app. And it's great getting it out of the corner. On Win10 I never used it cuz it was too far away.

Here's a wall that I originally created for Zorin called 'singularity' - no logo though:

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I like to redesign national flags (most are bad) and have done a bunch. The US was the hardest. Unfortunately, they are low rez and the vector graphs are on an old HDD, somewhere. Gotta get those off it but I need a kit to connect them.

Just switched to this as my wallpaper. 3:5 (as all flags should be), suitable for any number of states.


Have that. Not 1920 x 1080.

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