After update some peripherals not working

I am using two operate systems without dual boot.
It is possible after update some things in linux some peripherals device could not working?
This is very annoying. The same problem what was before mouse not working after switch from linux to win but a keyboard working. Last time both not working.
I need put out cable from usb port and connect again - for me this is not acceptable.
Simple a mouse what don't need a drivers.
Very sad.

You are booting into separate drives?
When you boot into Windows after having been booted into Linux before, the mouse stops working?

Zorin I have installed on external hard disk. To boot I using button F11 then choose Zorin. Mouse and keyboard working but if i restart to any another operating system the mouse stop working but a keyboard working. Connected with usb 2.0 ports.
I gived up. Don't changing any settings in bios or somewhere else.

To be honest Bourne, I have the oppisette issue that you do, but I am fairly certain I know what the issue is.

I have a Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard, and Corsair changed some thing in the way that the K95 operates, vs their previous models. Most of the time, after a reboot, my keyboard won't work in my OS after login, but will work at login. It requires several restarts until I can get the keyboard working in POP OS.

While I haven't tested the keyboard in Zorin OS, based on the fact that both OS's are Ubuntu based and using Gnome, I doubt there would be a difference. Knowing that Corsair made changes to the way the K95 communicates, is what makes me suspect that first and foremost.

Of course, the keyboard is designed to work perfectly in Windows, everything is these days. But getting peripherals to work in Linux is sometimes like trying to find the needle in the hey stack lol. So that might be the issue you are dealing with.

How many restarts did you try, only one? Try several, see if anything changes. Sometimes try a full shutdown, and boot up.

Corsair. Don't tell me you also have this stuff?? :rofl: corsair.
I have 20 mouse and i can checked them.
The conclusion is one if something working another place, why cannot working on linux? This mouse before working with linux Zorin and I don't updated my firmware mouse and I don't have installed cue app for mouse and keyboard.
Keyboard i have hyperX.
Lottery what working next week or not? That is very hard to sayed. If someone working in jobb or in a house some project - definitely the people don't have a time digging where is the problem. That why choice the slave system.

I understand Linux going the same way what apple.
Only apple products working with apple operating system.
The same with linux when you building a PC - you choose parts what linux will be compatibility.

I edited the title of this thread for clarification.
"Not Working" does not mean much.

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Ok. Now working a mouse will see in future if this happens.

Does this sound a lot like that thread a while back where a user was stating his Gaming Mouse was not working when switching Windows to Zorin OS?
Was that also a Corsair mouse?

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Oh my gosh, I think your right, I think it was a Corsair mouse. I think Corsair is choosing to be a thorn in Linux's backside. I really wish that peripheral makers would do a better job of making their hardware cross platform compatible.

Eh, I am not so sure. I do not mind revisiting the issue, in case I am wrong. However, I am not quick to believe that.

Rather, I am wondering if USB ports are being affected.

Since the Mouse has *No Onboard Memory but USB ports can retain memory from the motherboard...

I wonder of Bourne would be kind enough to test this by performing to a total system shutdown in between booting each OS (Including Unplugging all power sources and letting the computer sit for fifteen minutes.)
If there are no mouse troubles doing it that way, it may provide a clue.

Yes Bourne, begin the science my fine sir!

I know the motherboard and bios remember a peripherals device what was connected to port usb. You mean all power supply you mean also a battery. That we testing before what was solution to restart bios.

I am sorry, I do not understand this statement.

If you were referring to me the mouse I was using is a cordless Raigor ll WG10 ... it works ... just some of the buttons don't in some instances ... like the back button sometimes ... I have to go back by going to the top left hand corner and click the return arrow ...

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