All sorts of LibreOffice & OpenOffice install errors

Yes, though you do not need to manually type out each command one by one. The command can also accommodate a list that has one space between each item to be removed.

Ok, I manually removed all the OpenOffice packages, and that went smoothly. Then I removed all the LibreOffice packages I could see, and that went fine.

So once I seemed to have cleared out my system, I wanted to reinstall LibreOffice. This time I tried to install it from the Software app. I found one called "LibreOffice", and installed it. However, when I try to open an .ods file, it says "Archive type not supported". Do I also need to install each of the individual apps from Software (Writer, Draw, Calc, etc.)? I assumed the "LibreOffice" was the entire suite, but it doesn't appear to be so.

I am not sure, either. I have never installed LibreOffice through the Software Store...

On the Installed tab, does it show all of LibreOffice installed or just the Base?

On the Installed tab, it just shows LibreOffice, but when I open the program it definitely doesn't appear to have all the individual modules.

The LibreOffice version from the Software app is "1:6.4.6~rc2-0ubuntu0.18.04.1+zorin1". If I install LibreOffice directly from their website, it looks like version 6.2 is the last one that can support 32-bit systems. Which version do you recommend I install?

And since you don't use the Software app, what installation file type do you use?

It looks like 6.2 is your only bet. Finding 32 bit support is getting more and more difficult.

I use the terminal for all installations and removals. I recommend Synaptic for a GUI interface and I have it installed... but I never actually use it.
The terminal is faster, easier, more efficient... Since I use add-ons in the terminal, it has spellcheck, auto-fill, corrections... and apt search is much easier. And the terminal can process and handle all commands whereas GUI can bug or lack features that the terminal can handle. I just got used to it and now find the GUI apps confusing.

Aravisian, thank you so much for your help! It looks like I'm back up and running with functional office software!

I would have given up on this a while back if it weren't for your suggestions. Thanks again!