Allow us to easily install executables

Can we have the option to install executables instead of run them?
forcing this option might also help security due to the need to have admin rights

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Please read:
After reading that, please note that right-clicking on any file->Properties->Permissions->check box “Allow executing file as program” allows any file to be executed.

If you are looking to run Windows programs, see: How to install and run Windows apps

Regarding your comment on security, please read:

I know you can make a file executable with permissions.
I want to install applications before a run them.

Godot is not a windows program. It was developed on linux to be a cross platform game engine and editor.

I also know that linux is better then mac and windows in security.
I was just implying that if you make a option so executables can’t be ran without installing them, it would improve security even more.

Then you are looking for an appimage. Please see:

Godot and some other applications don’t come with app images.
I am talking about either…

  • Restricting people on my computer to have to install a executable to run it.
    If they don’t have admin rights they can’t install anything.
    Therefore they can’t run new programs even if they are portable.
  • (Or) Allowing a more lenient system and allowing the user to either run the portable program or install it through GUI (If they have admin rights).

You can create user accounts through Settings -> Details -> Users -> Unlock -> Add User and then create non administrative accounts.

Are you a bot?
your not understanding what I am saying.

I posted this in help not feedback.
Can a mod move this to feed back please? sorry.

You did post in Feedback. I moved it to General Help because it is a feature present in Zorin.
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@carmar sorry if I hurt your feelings I didn’t mean to.
It was a legitimate question.

So with AppImage and user settings I can force users including myself install executables?

Edit: so when I click on the file it just runs it

I want to have a option to install it when i click it.

I appreciate the apology. It is quite alright, I’m just fulfilling my role as a moderator.
On the subject matter role, someone else may answer better than me, so stay tuned.
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PS - @jgordon , @zabadabadoo , others , please opine if you feel you can help. I may be missing what is being asked here.

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Double clicking on a file will run the file.
If that file is an installer, like your file, then it will install the software.
The file isn’t the runtime and so won’t just run the application.

For example, I use pCloud and download the file from their site.
Whether I use Windows or Linux this file is the installer and running the file can do only one thing, install the software. Once installed the actual application executable will run and run the application.

I have another application, YUMI-UEFI-, which I download and when I run it doesn’t install it runs the application. This is because the file is the application and not an installer.

Sorry if I’m missing the point of your topic.

@jgordon I mean can zorin be made to show a popup to whether we want to run it or register it with the package manager and move it to root?

I think you are assuming that an executable can either be run or installed.

An executable is usually either one or another.

I think you are talking about something like a context menu where the options are run from here or install.

You wouldn’t be able to run an .MSI file in Windows, toy can run it to install the application and then run the executable that it installed.

Can’t it just copy the executable to a root folder?
I don’t see why executables can’t be installed.

In windows I would just copy the exectuable to the C:/Programs/My Program’s Name folder.

but with linux its harder because the file system is so complex and everything is in a different place.

You can copy files wherever you want. Copy the file into /usr/bin, create your own directory structure /u01/app/appname, or run from your home folder, just like Windows.

Just a comment:
This does seem like a legit feature request, but I think it’s a problem with Linux as a whole, not just Zorin.

I feel like a lot of large, overarching problems, whether it be in society or in software, get the blame pushed back on the end-user for “not knowing how it already works” when it’s actually a request to change how something works.

Side note: businesses and forums these days really do use bots, so I’m not quite sure why the bot question was shut-down like that…?

Clearly, it is exactly an issue of not knowing how it works and how to work it was clearly, adequately and thoroughly explained to the user by Carmar and by Jgordon. Politely.
He said - Clearly - “you can copy files where ever you want.” Easiest Installation Possible, Right? Is that “legit” flaw with Linux? What possible feature request could “fix” that? This is hardly a large, overreaching problem. The user did not know that he could move a file to /etc/ or to /opt and then add a launcher to his app menu. Learning is part of life, and a lot in society or software requires people to be willing to be educated without directing derision to the educators.
It works great. There is no “legit feature request” in that. If the OP had known he could do that, and do it that easily, it is Highly Unlikely he would have asked.

As for why the “bot question” was “shut down like that…” the bot question was derogatory and uncalled for and it was Addressed and Answered. If you consider that 'Shutting it down" then let me make myself abundantly clear:
Members like JGordon, Carmar, Myself volunteer a lot of time for free to help others on this board. We are Not Microsoft, not paid and We Are Not Here To Take Abuse From Anyone.
If derogatory comments or snarky comments are directed toward the Helpful Members of the board- They will be “Shut Down”. Clear.