Alternative to Zorin Connect

Hello there, i'm searching for an alternative of Zorin connect, wich doesn't require to be connected at the same wifi (bcs on my phone i usally use mobile data and on my pc i use wifi)

what exactly do you want to do?

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the same things i can do with zorin connect (share files, recive notifications on my pc ecc) but without p2p technology

kde connect

KDE Connect (Which is what I use on Zorin Lite to replace the gnome-extension Zorin Connect that will not work on XFCE4) does the same thing as Zorin Connect: Connects on the same WiFi.

I think that the OP is looking for a way of connecting like Zorin Connect, even when away from his home WiFi. (Something I would love to know, as well.)

Also check GSC Connect as well. It is a fork of KDE Connect with more features and integration with the Nautilus file manager.


I think that is the key factor. Do KDE Connect and forks use p2p?

yeah i heard bout it i definetly gonna try it

it stil use p2p?

i don't know