AMD 6700 XT - Zorin 16

So after 2 hours of trying to get multiple monitor support I'm about ready to give up on Zorin.

I tried downloading both versions (20.04.3 and 18.04.5 HWE) of the latest Ubuntu drivers from AMD (21.30), I added zorin| to the install script under the os_release function, ran the script and:

  • The 20.04.3 drivers installed fine, then on restart I get a white screen and contact the system administrator.

  • The 18.04.5 HWE doesn't install with unable to install due to dependency issues

Would anyone happen to know how to get this working? thanks

Running 5.11.0-27-generic

@Dreamer Hi and welcome to the forum. I do not have your hardware and am also currently on Z15.3 not Z16. However, I have just instagated a websearch using "AMD 6700 XT Ubuntu 20.04". As Z16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04.

and found several hits. So seems a common issue. Here is one for starters:

So this is how I got it working:

  1. Updated the kernel to latest version using mainline (not sure if necessary?)
  2. Downloaded the latest linux-firmware.git
  3. Copied the contents to /lib/firmware/amdgpu/
  4. Update the ramdisk > sudo update-initramfs -u
  5. Downloaded latest driver from AMD for Ubuntu 20.04.3
  6. Unpacked
  7. Changed install script /amdgpu-install, os_release function to include zorin|
  8. Run script ./amdgpu-install
  9. Restart

Working :sunny:


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