AMD Users: Welcome To Zorin OS 16!

I'd like to give a warm welcome to all those of you AMD users who are leaving Windows, after the latest reports, that Windows11 runs slower on AMD machines by design.

We have cookies, we have cake, were all nerds here, but we support and care about each other. Zorin OS 16 is far better then anything you will get with Windows.


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By design; How so?

I heard the same thing about 20% performance loss.

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Watch the video, it was by design via BIAS. Intel was working with Microsoft so much to make it work with their new infinity fabric thing, where it uses the new schedualer, to off hand task between P-cores and T-cores.

But when it came to AMD, Microsoft didn't work on absolutely nothing for AMD. So when it came time for Windows11's release, the OS runs literally between 15% to 20% slower on AMD systems.

Sorry, but I am going to tell it like it is, even if this happened due to BIAS towards Intel, its by design, and could have been avoided.

And Jay even talked about how Microsoft offered a patch for something specific to fix on AMD systems, and it made them run even slower still with the patch installed!

Windows11 just sucks, time to move to Zorin OS 16!

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I generally prefer to avoid clicking on links to a video. I am more effective reading than watching. I dislike having to rewind constantly to really adsorb the information.
I guess I am more visual than auditory.

It seems odd to me that Microsoft would shoot themselves in the foot with AMD.
You make it sound more like Neglect than Implemented Design.


What design? Whose design?

The issues are technical, related to the way in which Ryzen chips handle cache and core allocation. AMD and Microsoft are working to resolve the issue, which will probably require an AMD firmware update for affected processors.

I agree. The idea that Microsoft would sabotage AMD processors verges on nuts.

It is neglect clearly. But my spidy senses are always tingling when I suspect fowl play. Why would Microsoft spend so much time working an exclusivity deal with Intel, and completely drop the ball with AMD?

Well, we've already seen Microsofts exclusivity plays with their Halo games on Xbox, Xbox360 and Xbox1. They did it so that they could sell their Xbox's. And how would this be any different?

A deal so exclusive, when people get word about this, it will make them buy new Intel computers, so that Intel is their choice, when getting the new TPM functionality to use Windows11, and skip over AMD computers, cause they will be known as too slow for Windows11.

Basically Microsoft is saying, you need a new computer for our software? You have two choices. Buy Intel for Windows11, or switch to Linux.

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I read today that they fixed this bug

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I find your faith in a greedy corporation to not push sales to one chip over the other disturbing.

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This is the article i was talking about

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For those who prefer to read instead of watch, there's your reading material right there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Be disturbed, then. Agitated even, if you want. AMD accounted for 40-45% of CPU sales in 2020/2021, Intel 55-60%. It would be lunacy for Microsoft to use Windows to intentionally undermine half the market.

Reading the article, it looks a great deal like Microsoft prioritizing its focus on Security.

Funny, it is exactly how I feel - I can understand things more efficiently by reading than watching video.

There are of course a few exceptions.
When my slow juicer got stuck last time, the video instruction for how to separate parts was extremely helpful :sweat_smile:

In my view, that is exactly right. Microsoft announced several months ago that it would be enabling VBS in the future, and that is what the article is about.

Microsoft's stated strategy is to implement enterprise-level security throughout the Windows ecosystem, including home computers. VBS is part of that strategy.

It is not the end of the world. Games that are not designed to work with VBS will suffer a performance hit in the near term, and will continue to do so until the games are reworked to work with VBS.

Currently, gaming is the province of Windows. There have been some forays into Linux on Gaming, but not enough to entice users.
Trekers O.P. may play into this.
It may not be that today is the day. But it may mark a beginning of something, if Linux devs are willing to view this opportunistically.

By Linux Devs, I do mean the large Body of people that would need to work together.
Moving from Windows to Linux because of gaming performance does not seem viable currently. But, this particular problem could open a door in Linux that so far, only squeaks open on occasion.

When it comes to disassembly, this can be very helpful. But an article with good images maybe just as good. Like a Haynes Repair manual.

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Thats exactly right!

I am just now realizing that you guys may not have already known the perspective I was coming from with all this.

I am a gamer, this means I often look through the lens of things, from a gamers perspective. I am not the only one who is like this, and I can tell you right now, I am also not the only one who feels this way about all this.

For gamers who have AMD machines, this is a huge kick in the rear for them. Its because of stuff like this, is why we recommend people to switch to Linux in the first place.

Arn't you all sick and tired of Microsoft's BS? You guys may disagree with everything I have to say as long as you want. But there is one thing you have to agree on cause I am right, we all switched to Linux because of Microsofts antics.

Microsoft constantly takes choice away and makes the choice for you, it don't matter how much you like it or not, that is fact. And I just see this as more of them screwing around with people's stuff, that they don't need to be messing around with.

Microsoft can call it security, chronicals of narnia, I dont' care what they call it. They are messing around with stuff that don't need to be messed with. All people need is an operating system, thats all!

People just need a piece of software that allows people to use their hardware. Its that simple. But for a long time now, Microsoft have completely lost their way in that regards. What, do we need Microsoft to help us go to the bathroom now.

Go back in time to that Spy Kids movie, when he goes to flush the toilet, the toilet speaks and says, "Now flushing your poop" Really was that necessary for smart devices? My title was, welcome AMD users to Zorin OS. I said that for a reason.

Zorin OS gives you choice. Pure and simple. Zorin don't medal in your lives and everything you do. Its an OS, it just works. Welcome to a better life, where its your choice, on Zorin OS 16


Fixed it for ya. :neutral_face:

I have a spankin' new AMD machine and Zorin was the first thing I threw on it. Yes, it has Windows installed. I installed linux on a second disk. I don't know if I'll use Windows (I mostly use a Mac) but I figure I may as well keep it in tact just in case I get back into astronomy.


I am happy to have you hear, a part of our community, and using Zorin OS. I really hope that you enjoy your stay! :slightly_smiling_face: I tell you what, when I got my new computer this year, I sent the Windows partitions right into the MSI black hole where they belong. LOL

Windows was lost and gone forever, good riddense, I prefer my Linux. :stuck_out_tongue: