Can anyone tell me if this is a single core, double core, or quad core on Amde2-7110. Specs say 4 GB Ram and 64 Bit processor, and 1.80 GHz and Radeon R2 graphics but doesn't say how many cores. I was thinking of installing Zorin Core or Zorin Lite on it. Does this sound compatible? Thank You!

Ît's a quad-core

The best way to find if it's compatible is to try the live version and see if everything is running as it should. But don't expect for gaming with that video card.


Thank you. Not planning on gaming. I was looking for a bit of internet surfing, email, and some documents, spreadsheets, etc. Perhaps play a bit of music or videos. A quad core, interesting that it didn't say that in the specs.

How do I try it live? The Laptop is running Windows 10 Home Edition, and I guess I need to power up with the Bootable USB install drive. Not sure if I hit a function key or do something else to run it live.

You "burn" the Zorin OS image to a USB stick and boot up the USB stick. I'm not sure which key to hit to get to the bootup menu on your notebook. But on my computer it's F8.
Note: When running from the USB stick the speed is considerable slower than a real installation.


These specs should be fine for installing the core version but the gnome will be slow sometimes in 4GB ram so you can install lite version for a smoother run

On Asus machines it is usually either F2 or Delete key to enter the BIOS - you will need to turn off Fast Boot in the BIOS. In Windows you will need to go to Power settings and unhide the Advanced Power Settings to turn the hard drive settings to off, not sleep - this is why when you power down a machine with Windows 10 the hard drive never truly turns off - which also prevents you from booting from another source!

I was going to suggest MultiSystem but forgot that this needs a working installation of GNU/Linux in order to use it! I would go with Rufus:

or Ventoy:

Also don't use a Download Accelerator Manager to download the .iso as this can corrupt it. Once downloaded, check the SHA256 checksum - if they don't match, you have a corrupt download.

Thank you all! I had actually created a Zorin 16.1 Core boot USB previously, as I did my husband's laptop a few weeks ago. When I did that, one video on YouTube said don't forget to remove the USB after Zorin is installed when rebooting. I did that but too soon! (Slow laptop). So I put the USB back in and it finished the shutdown and then I removed the USB. This time I waited, and was pleased to see a prompt telling me to remove the USB at the right time! So, yes, I got it installed. Thank you all so much. PS. I thought perhaps the Zorin Core might want a little more than 4 GB ram, but it seems to be working well so far. The reason I didn't go for Zorin lite, was I really would like to use the Zorin connect and wasn't sure if it would work with the lite as it is not included in the installation. Thanks Again!

I believe Aravisian runs lite and installed KDE Connect without any issues. It does exactly what Zorin connect does. Glad you got it sorted in the end.

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