An amusing anecdote

I was talking to an I.T. and Full-stack developer about Linux the other day. Since much of her work deals in GIT and the shell, I suggested Zorin as a worthwhile OS to look into. While they must use Windows sometimes, using Linux can make things easier (She enthusiastically agreed with that).
What was interesting though, was I was not showing her my computer. I was showing general screenshots.
After a while she suddenly declared "What is this, 1985?!"
When I asked for clarification she pointed out every facet of the themes she was seeing in the images as looking outdated or old...

All the images I showed were of current trending Gnome themes, commonly called "Polished" and "Modern."
She knows .scss and .css and vowed that on Linux, she would see about doing something about that...

I couldn't stop laughing and she couldn't figure out what I found so funny.

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Did you tell her that your a themer who themes the sheeeeet out of any Linux OS that you use? At the very least it would be an honest statement to make, since thats what you do.

But I agree with her, if she's talking about default Gnome, default Ubuntu, or even default XFCE. When she said she would have to do something about that, I hope she knows, thats the benefit of Linux.

Cause if you were looking at Windows 10, and you said, ohhhh, I don't like the look of that, I will have to do something about that. I'd be shaking my head like Lex Luther, and say, no you aint. You aint doing jack sheeeet. lol

Windows takes away choice. Linux gives you choice. So the beauty is, you can make it how you want it. But, even IT professionals in the networking field, know that Linux is superior over Windows. Which is why servers run on Linux.

I'd like to hear more from her on subjects of Linux. I really hope she creates an account here and starts her intro, providing us her qualifications/certifications, so we knows that she's the real deal, and then provide her opinions on Linux in general, as well as, Zorin OS 16.

I'd also love it if she tried both Zorin OS 16 CORE, and Zorin OS 16 LITE. So that way she can also provide an informed opinion on each.

Excellent subject material Aravisian, hope to hear more!



Wincustomize and Windowblinds - it is possible to Theme Windows.

I will admit - I do not like what you are "implying" here...

I am not implying anything. Let me clarify my point.

There are many Youtube video's that do reviews on electronics. Some of the Youtubers who do this, have a background in electrical engineering, as they are are electronics engineers.

These people will often provide their background for each video, so that other's know, that they are very much qualified, in providing their opinions, on the quality, or lack of quality, of the making of a piece of electronic.

Another example. In the court system, whenever they bring on an expert to speak on any given topic, at the very beginning, the lawyer establishes the qualifications of the person, which shows they are an expert on the topic, and therefor qualified to speak on whatever the subject may be.

What qualifications are needed in order for a person to show that they are qualified to dislike the aesthetics of a theme?

You told me this IT person uses Windows in their field.

I'd like to hear the opinions on Linux operating systems, from their field in IT.

Opinions in comparison of Linux VS Windows.


I'm not sure why are you are in a mood today. Your intentionally trying to find fault in the things that I say today. So I am just going to leave. Tired of it.

Thread closed due to unwarranted and uncalled for accusations.

Never before has anyone on this forum requested Credentials and Qualifications from any person who speaks; even across the variety of existing Linux vs. Windows threads. Much less on an opinion of theming.
I relayed this anecdote because I found it funny. We sometimes differ on our opinions of what we consider "modern" in theming. Developers can have widely varying opinions on this too. I think it is valid to examine that there is no standard of what can be called "modern" in a theme. We need to pay attention to functionality and usefulness.

And I would never subject any person who voiced an opinion laughingly over themes to come to a forum to be brow-beaten and questioned as to their qualifications to see if this person is "the real deal" on the topic of theme appearances.