An error message when accessing the drive

Hi everyone,

This is a newbie question. Could you please assist with what does this message mean?

Error opening directory '/tmp/snap-private-tmp': Permission denied

Is this standard or something to be concerned about?

It comes after I begin exploring the drive to know the current storage.

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This is located in Root and therefor requires Sudo (Administrator) permissions to access.
You can explore using this command to elevate to root:

sudo -i

Then launch the file manager:


And navigating to the directory you want to read.
I do not recommend making any changes in Root until you are familiar with what you are doing.

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Thank you @Aravisian for the quick reply.

So, it is right to assume that this error is standard and not something concerning - that is, it would occur for all newbies trying their hands with Zorin as opposed to being concerned about something?

Thank you again - i will read up a bit on the Root directories before making any changes.

There's no reason why a non-administrator user should be touching files inside the root directory. If a newbie were to accidentally delete or modify something it can cause problems that may be hard to troubleshoot or even recover from, so it stands to reason that they are restricted by default.

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Yes, it is perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about.

And if ever you need to access files in root, feel free to ask about it here on the forum in case you need tips or pointers to safely navigate or modify in root.

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@zenzen @Aravisian Thank you both of you. It helps. Will reach out when I would do the heavy lifting with it all. Now, just hoping to learn the basics :slight_smile:
Thank you for the quick replies.

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