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Here I go again. Doing something wrong here. I installed the anaconda .sh file, the install in terminal went fine. Terminal closed when I hit the last yes, I don't remember what it asked because it won't get to that point when I try to reinstall. I have no idea how to open the program now, no icon or representation anywhere. Anaconda site doesn't say anything about where it will end up. The directory was created in "Home", possibly there is a way to open the program there but I have yet to learn what the Linux equivalent of "programname.exe is. Anybody got suggestions?

Cousin of python?

What is the content of this file?
You can open it with a regular text editor and see what it does.
sh is equivalent of batch command in Windows.

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:grin: Obviously they are related but I'm just modifying instructions to run a custom program written by a colleague, I have zero coding skills.

It installed Anaconda which I think includes Python since I didn't have to install it separately in the Windows setup. The program comes up as "Anaconda Navigator". I've been running Windows since about 1994, so the venerable .exe file would have been my escape route. I finally found a post on how to open the program, since the install didn't install any kind of icon. I have it running now, so I just need to search for a way to create a desktop icon so I don't have to start the program from terminal everytime. My Zorin/Linux learning curve is pretty close to vertical. On the bright side, I think I've figured out how to get my custom software to run on Zorin, if that is the case, my only problem is the Excel/Calc conversion and, of course, learning to use Zorin better.

In fewer words - problem solved. But it's really cool the way someone always answers my queries so often and quickly, thanks again for the help.


It is better than horizontal, i.e, no progress :crazy_face:

Yes, you've been watched :skull:


LoL, the watcher would be bored. But just to be on the safe side, I just ripped the microphone and camera out of my computer and put on my tin foil hat.


I'm much safer now


Got'er done. After much reading of Anaconda/Python/SQL Server, ad nauseam, I pieced it all together. So this thread is caput. But thanks for all the help and Merry Christmas.


My wife always uses this phrase in concern to me.... Happy Holidays! :ribbon:

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