Another Newbie

Hi Folks, I just installed Lite on an old Toshiba Satellite with windoze 7, dual boot for now but eventually windows will go away for good. Needed something light and Zorin was easy and snappy running from usb. Really like the interface so far. The first time I installed it I ran the "update all" through the window that came up. That froze up and I restarted and got the blue screen. Booted from USB and re-installed and updated all through the terminal. That worked perfectly. I'm sure I'll have some questions as time goes on, I read a lot here before I decided on Zorin and actually installing. I appreciate the support.


Heya, welcome to the Zorin forums.

Did you run a memory check before installing?

I did run a memory check. I also partitioned my drive, which is what gave me the most issues. But as old as this unit is, at some point soon I will just erase the drive and go with Zorin. Only other hiccup so far is with Xerox printer but I worked that out.

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