Another Zorin 15 > Zorin 16 Upgrade Question

I purchased Zorin 15 Ultimate due to a reccomendation from another user on the 12th July 2021.
Unbeknown to me Zorin 16 Pro was only a month away, otherwise I would of waited due it being a major version upgrade.
I would like to upgrade to 16 Pro asap since my installation is still more or less untouched.
Since I only purchased a few weeks ago I am of course interested in taking advantage of the discounted price that has been mentioned previously.
Loving the OS guys, good stuff. I look forward to your reply.....!

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Please use the contact form provided in your copy of Zorin OS 15 Ultimate to contact the Zorin Group and make note of the Date. They are handling many requests so please be patient.

Sorry, where is this form?

You should have a copy in your Ultimate Download email from Zorin OS. Otherwise, please use this here:

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Excellent, thank you. I look forward to the reply.