Any interest in this type of icons for Zorin?

Progress so far:
Added a bunch of new apps
The bare bone of places are done
Added ~500 mime type files
A black theme emerge to fit the black color selection

Are you using xdg dirs to make the Steam Folder Icon show (Or setting the icon custom through Nautilus)?

500 Mimes, I am guessing a vigorous use of symlinks at work? :smiley:

I use custom though nautilus, though I could set it up via xdg. I just havn't come to it yet. My Zorin install is only 3 days old :stuck_out_tongue:

The Mimes I took from my old work so it was quick with some modifications.

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In case you were wondering, these icons are stunning and I must say I'm really impressed by how elegant they are! Zorin Team should genuinely consider putting this in the official release of Zorin OS 16! Keep up the good work!


For those who like Dark theme there will be a white icons.

Purple. Is the folders to bright?

I am not usually a fan of monochrome icons etc but I have to say I am liking what I see in this thread.

If you mean have I put them through the hot wash too many times, then I would say yes (IMO).
Purple "Home" buttons are fine, folders are a bit feint and washed out.

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Thanks, I'll take a look at them again.

What about now? I'm trying to keep folder and files in different sharp of color to make it easier to target out.

I agree and it shows Storms integrity in asking and checking with others opinions. An honest opinion is far more valuable.
It is well known that I like ol skool Skeuomorphism. I like icons that have depth.
Flat Paper icons, are in my own opinion - the worst. I support diversity and that in FOSS, we can have totally different tastes. But, I dislike tech articles pushing "trending" icons; telling us what we want, what to like.
Don't tell me what to like, man. You've no idea.

Storm took Flat Monochrome and made it work - and coming from me, that says a lot. I agree that the purple is too light in tone. It makes the folders sink into the light background color, instead of standing out.


I'm a sucker when it comes to 50's pastel colors :P, but the color purple is a difficult color to work with, I think. And at the same time I'm trying to keep it in current Zorin theme colors. But personally I think the colors they have chosen are to colorful. I would see them tone a bit down, if I have a say.

I like others opinion, it helps to improve myself. And it's hard sometimes to get others opinions. When I'm asking (experience from my other icon sets), for what example I should add as app icons to them, not a single respons. It's not that people aren't using my icon sets, but apprently I get the silent users :stuck_out_tongue:

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IMO they still look a bit washed out, especially files when they have white artifacts or logo's inside them. I guess you do not want to make them a lot darker as then they will be same shade as buttons etc.
Also we all have different screens and settings, so what may appear to light for me maybe fine for others. I do a bit of photo editing so am careful about my brightness setting.

100% agree and understand. I also have asked for feedback on my work when I was on Pling and got very very little. No bug reports- nothing. I ended up finding issues all on my own and fixing them and updating them. As it is now, I have my work as installable .deb files and a launchpad- so that in future, any updates I make are just sent out to the users. Because they don't communicate and they won't update it on their own.

EDIT: If you like, I can send you a list of the app icons I include in icon sets I make...
You may want the newest xfce4.16 icon names, if you do not have them already, as well. They have followed the Gnome standard of renaming icons to obsolete existing icon sets by making them ".org.xfce-iconName.png" type of stuff, now. This practice continues as it allows them some control over their "Look and Appearance" which is for them - a brand image.

I guess that may be due to many people, me included I'm afraid, accepting Zorin defaults and options. But keep up the good work. I'm sure this thread will atract attention.

I'm thinking there is need of a Forum sub-section "Zorin Customisation" or something similar, where themes, wallpapers and icon sets etc can all be discussed. i.e. the artistic section of the Forum. @AZorin ?

@Storm I have just booted up my Zorin laptop to see what your icons look like on that screen. However, my opinion remains the same regarding the light shade of purple, even on that one. It is subjective though, so I hope others will chime in with their (constructive) opinions.

Sure. I'll like that. But I think in the end I have to fire up xfce in virtual to test it. :slight_smile:

ok, I'll see if I can darken them more without getting hideous :stuck_out_tongue:

Now they have same color the purple Zorin theme. I dunno... they match, sure and they aren't washed out. It may be it's because I'm not crazy about the flavor.

Me either. But my opinion is that they look better.

In a funny way- I would also suggest: Themers prerogative. If others want to modify it- they can always install xnconvert or hugin and batch process the icons to be another color.
Edit: In fact, Hugin comes with Zorin OS. At least, it comes with Zorin OS Ultimate...

Sidenote: Icon name list sent via PM. Not out of any kind of secrecy. It is just a very long list and I did not feel like trying to parse it with Discourse's markdown language.

Yep. I think they look better. More solid.
As for colour/flavour, purple is long recognised brand colour for Cadbury chocolate: :smile:

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