Any posts on differences in distributions, desktop environments, package managers?

I see a lot of questions on what the difference is between distributions, desktop environments, and package managers. Is there a good post here or a website that describes all of these for those that don't quite understand what the differences are?

There isn't really a post or a site that covers all that, since that is a lot of material to cover. Package Managers, Desktops and Distros combined... Yes, that would be a lot of material.
But please feel free to ask pointed questions on each of those topics in a Separate thread.
Some things, really, is best learned by getting in and doing and learning from experience.

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Google, bing, yahoo, duck duck go all can offer blogs, reviews, tutorials and reddits with all the information you ask for. The Zorin Forum isn't on the habit of keeping information on the difference between distros and package managers (or other options to customize your Linux installation).

There are several experienced Linux power users/ experts within the forum of you ask a more specific question.

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