Any Way to Backup Zorin Completely?

Dear team,

I'm using Zorin 16 Pro, and I'm new to Zorin.

I was using Windows 10. After I shifted to Zorin, I never switched back to Windows 10. Since I'm a digital marketing strategist and WordPress developer, I prefer using Zorin from now onwards.

Since it was my first time, I made many mistakes, learned from mistakes, and finally settled and configured the OS for my workflow.

For complete installation and configuration, I need to spend a whole day (Installation, OS tweaks, browser profile setup, application installation, and configuration, etc.!)

I did the installation around 5 times, and I wasted my 6 days to finally settle with Zorin!

I even tried installing on my external SSD and came back to normal dual-boot installation! But I learned a lot, so no disappointment!

Zorin looks crisp and clear in my UHD HDR IPS Display meanwhile looks very blurry and distorted in Windows 10. Also, running blazing fast with SSD, 16GB i7 Gen Processor!

Hence, I'm delighted with the new environment!

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to backup the current installation to restore the OS completely in case of emergency (Full OS, APplications, Settings, Configuration, etc.)? In windows, my laptop comes with "Recovery." It is stored in a separate partition, and I can restore it and go back to factory-state anytime. Something similar possible in Zorin, like storing it as a full ISO and while re-install that ISO anytime?

  2. I can see Zorin Pro is pre-installed with a backup tool: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

What does this backup tool do? If I fresh install Zorin again, will it restore everything or just applications or all the customizations I did to the OS?

Please advice.

Thank you for your time.


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Even my husband can use it :wink:


This is what I need! Amazing. Starting right now :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for the quick solution!


You will love it.
It is easy peasy :slight_smile:
And Supertux rocks!


I haven't tried RescueZilla yet, but I have the ISO file to burn when I am ready to use it. But as I understand it, its just a more user friendly version of Clonezilla is all. So I am sure I will love it too. Look to RescueZilla when you want to do drive cloning, or entire drive backups and restores.

However, if you just had a bad update, but you can still get into your system, either normally, or in safe mode, well, you could just do Timeshift backups for those. Thats what I did recently!


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Great suggestion! Seems more flexible! Thank you!

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Timeshift also gives you the option to 'backup' all files.


HEHE - And that is exactly what I was doing too when I was creating that backup. I selected both partitions in the program and said, I want all files backed up. And since I don't have a bunch of games instead, I wasn't using much space on this 512GB drive.

I saved the Timeshift backup to the same drive. Now sure if that was the smartest choice, but only reason I did it, is cause I didn't have another drive plugged into, to save the backup to lol.

Wait! I am still new to this....Is timeshift (or rescuezilla/clonezilla) similar to the restore operation in Windows?(the one where you create a restore point and during emergencies, you can just restore your PC). I thought timeshift was just a file backup tool.

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Rescuezilla would be the most similar to windows snapshot of the os. It would be the easiest to restore from the bootable media... be sure to save the image elsewhere than your system partition!

If you separated your home folder to a different partition, this reduces the size of the iso. And you can have a separate iso of that, though a timeshift of home would be more easily managed since documents and other such directories change more often.


Well then, that solves my problem too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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