Any1 light out there?

iv'e noticed everyone is either on core or pro .
is here any1 on this forum that's on lite ??
just for interest sake ...
i don't wanna be the only 1 here with a low spec pc lol

Not really. I tried, but it wasn't my thing. I usually distro jumps and DE jumps alot. Like to exploring. You could say I'm Capt. Picard on Interprise.

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this isn't comforting lol

@Aravisian uses lite and I'm sure there's other too.

hmmm starting to feel all warm inside
this is progress

I see nothing wrong with having an old computer running Zorin OS Lite, many (perhaps too many, if not most) would just trash old devices thinking they no longer have any use. If in addition to using an old device you try to improve it by switching to a lighter and possibly better performing OS then it's admirable. Recycle, mates, don't just trash stuff.


My son used the 17 Lite for a while. In 14 years old notebook . It worked very well.

Switched to 17 Core and didn't notice a big difference in performance, that makes it go back to lite.

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pro lite or pro core?

It's primarily used by a relative, not me, but I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro running Zorin Lite. With an Intel Atom and 2GB of RAM, plus the cursed mixed bit-depth thing, picking a linux distro to replace its dying Windows 10 wasn't easy, but Zorin Lite has proven to be a solid choice.

At least once I fixed the WiFi and sound driver issues :sweat_smile: Thanks, Dell!

Sorry, my mistake.
Migrated from 17 Lite to 17 Core.

Also used the 16 lite for a while. Until the 17 lite comes out.

To be even more specific, he used ChromeOS Flex for one year +/-, before starting with Zorin. What made him leave ChromeOs was that installing Linux applications didn't work on his machine.

I used Lite on high spec machines, :wink:

That being said, there are a very large number of Lite users.
I do not know the exact number, but if you search the forum, you will find that about 35% of posts deal with Zorin OS Lite. Since Gnome has an interesting interface, it is more prone to getting help requests, however.

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I see different versions of Linux OS's as a horse for the course.
Z16.3 Lite, as of now suits my use.

Zorin all type using mostly the same kernel with diffrent desktop enviroments. This is still ubuntu fork. Then ubuntu comes from a debian.
That we going inside the same door but diffrents ways. (i mean DE ).

I'm on lite on an old machine. :smiley:

This only tell me how old are you? :wink:

I like the animations effects.
But, jelly mode no.

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I think Zorin light is one of the nicest XFCE distros I've tried, but not my cup of tea.

Jelly Mode is cute, but I don't use Spatial Desktop options, I don't use workspaces and the simple centered applications switcher that appear when holding Windows logo and Tab is fine for me :grin:.

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Someone already said this, but it's a fact.
xfce of Zorin lite's is the best I've seen so far in the distros.


I was considering Lite to replace MX-Linux xfce on my good ladycs machine. The problem being though it is not a dual-core procesor. The machine is one I built in 2006, Single core Athlon64 AMD Processor, 2.1 GHz, 2 Gb RAM (Maxed out), 512 Mb AGP 8x. Now running Q4OS KDE.

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