Anyone need help with their battery?

It was a funny picture to share, as soon as i made the screenshot the correct time was showing (1 hour and 5 minutes). Going to discharge it completely and charge it without turning the laptop on. Do the same again later this day or tommorow. I saw a post from (if i remembered right) Aravisian this week that if you do this twice you would calibrate the battery, i never did this before :woozy_face:

@Aravisian, Yes sir! :hot_face:

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Is this thread dead?
I have 0% on both internal batteries, 1 of them has only 93 or so cycles as I replaced it, I now see 'charging' but it has been on 0% for hours. If I uplug, the machine immediately shuts down.

Lenovo T470 on ZorinOS core 17.1

I would check if the battery is plugged right. A scenario where the new battery is faulty has seen before. Do you have perchance a way to test the battery?