Anyone transact or bank in Zorin OS?

Anyone uses Zorin to perfrom financial transactions?
How's the security on it?

One another note:

So, transactions >=US$600, or, a balance of >=US$600.00 anytime in the year, will have all transactions reported to the IRS.

Taxpayer cryptos transactions between brokers will be reported, and businesses receiving them valued at >=US$10,000. From Dec 31, 2022.

These applies to all financial institutions in the USA, if put into effect.

NAFCU tried to have it amended in the Senate vote, but, failed by one vote. However, amendents adopted would now be: "large amounts" determined by the IRS and the Treasury Department.

Let's see what's next....:thinking:

This should be obvious, but Zorin is an operating system, not a bank. And unlike Microsoft, Google, Apple who love to report your activities, the Zorin's don't do that, its called --->>> Linux <<<---

If anyone is reporting your financial activities, its probably your bank. Which is another reason why you should bank at a bank.

My next piece of advice is something called a Credit Union. Yes, imagine that, a place that you can do financial transactions, and they don't try to screw you! So thats a thought.

And I have another one. I try to operate a policy of no talking about politics on open boards. Its fine if you wanna chat about politics or religion for that matter in PM, also known as DM these days I guess.

But just not on the open public boards.

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The question is on the security of using the OS for important things, not the bank.

Iā€™m a member at multiple.

As long as you don't install anything suspicious, it will be fine. Fewer hackers target Linux because Windows dominates the PC OS space.

At the end of the day, please make sure that whenever you do connect with your banks website, that you are indeed connecting to it securely via HTTPS. Click on the LOCK symbol, and look for connection is secure, valid certificate. Thats really all you need as far as that.

Now in regards to OS level. Go to the PRIVACY tab in SETTINGS, make sure location is turned off, and anything else like that. Zorin OS doesn't really do the telemetry sniffing that Microsoft does.

If you went onto Windows10 and looked at the telemetry page, you will see like a freaking dozen of them sniffing away at you.


You are more secure performing your online banking on Linux, in general. However, it must be noted that much of security relies on you.
As an old school white hat hacker, I can tell you that much of information gathering is done by helping the user to make a mistake or digging in trash cans, for more than complex amazing tunneling software.


Yeh, it's crazy. I use anti-Spybot to stop 430 telemetry things from working on Win10. Crazy.

I have everything turned off. Removed zorin-OS-census too.

I wonder on all those other Security-focus Linux distros and the practicality of using them, compared to the consumer-focus on Zorin, in every day use.

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Ohhhhh, I forgot, if security is a seriously a big issue, you can always use a TORE browser too. But thats up to you.

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Nice, ethical hacker!!

I read about those course in recent years, but never got into it.

Dumpster-diving is very common. I heard many cases of affected people. Everyone thinks it won't happen to them, until it does.

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I tried it now and them. It's so slooow. LOL. But, I rarely use it, unless I was visiting places with blocked websites or something. Deep Packet Inpecting have made most commercial VPNs useless in certain places.

If someone dumpster dives for a computer, its fine as long as you don't use the hard drive, or any flash memory that is installed in it.

If someone dumpster dives for a lawn mower, if you see a computer attached, don't use it, the mower won't start until your hand is near the mower blade, and that would result in a lesser then desirable experience lol.


Also VPN's have recently been proven on Linus Tech Tips, and Gamers Nexus, as being less trustworthy then we thought they were. VPN's will not protect you like they are advertised to do.

Hackers have broken into VPN servers and stole users data, NORDVPN anyone?

Added to that, governments can force VPN services to give up your data too, for any reason they want to, cause you know, thats what governments do, commit crimes under the guise of riteous leadership.

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I read about it. I remember the case of ProtonVPN in Switzerland, as one recent case. They still have to abide by the laws of whereever incorporated and operating.

Anytime your government has access override to a security service, it immediately makes the service unsecure. A lot of people do not understand this. And Switzerland has been one of the biggest offenders.

But, its just like Microsoft. Over 3-billion users today use Windows. Most users are completely unaware, or simply do not care about the telemetry sniffing, as convenience is what is important to them.

Heck, I was just watching a video on LTT, it was a challange video on tech support, who can fix the computer faster, Linus, or Anthony? (I love Anthony BTW, he's my favorite, and is a total Linux nerd like me and hates Windows too, especially when he's forced to use it by LMG.)

While he was trying to get a Crystal Disk Mark benchmark for an SSD drive, Windows 10 decided that it was a good time to update Microsoft Edge. Oh yeah, I can see how that will improve your disk benchmark scores...............NOT!

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Yeh, I was about to watch it last night. Then fell alseep. LOL

Anthony is a great narrator and explainer of things.

Unfortunately, it's what makes it easy to sell the products. The ease and the fact most consumers aren't tech saavy or privacy focused.

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Banking with TOR is unnecessary, just make sure you have a https connection.

Windows dominates the scene because Linux has like 0 marketing. Nobody knows what it is.

Windows is a product made for money, it has succeeded its goal. Linux is just not worth porting your apps to. If I was a dev and my only goal is to make money, I wouldn't bother porting to Linux. 100% of my friends have like no idea what they're using.

The only way to ensure your operating system is the most widely used is to be the default. Windows have been the default for a long time, so I highly doubt this will change soon.


They are really long I know, but totally worth watching, I really loved it, I had a lot of laughs! You should totally watch it.

Anthony gets hit with a twist, a problem that wasn't supposed to be a problem. I won't spoil and say what it was, I will let you discover it. But thats just a little hype for you.

And some more hype, Linus also experiences something that he didn't expect, but he learns from his own mistakes and discovers a flaw within himself. Something he should have done or realized, but didn't. So there is more hype.

Also, the other two, they act like sport casters on TV, and they are totally funny throughout the entire thing, totally recommend lol.


I know some people made one computer dedicated for financial transactions and use it for nothing else. It should be easy enough for any Linux user who has an extra machine floating around the house.

Another solution is creating a VM Linux and make it completely isolated from the host. You can use any browser but make sure NOT TO connect any account with it.

Why? just don't install suspicious things.

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