Anyone using RSS feeds?

They're basically another (and very old) way of displaying articles that is still used today. Very few use it though, and I happen to be one of those people (though not in the old days).


Nope, not here.

I guess it's a dead technology for consumers. It's not that popular or widespread as it used to be back in 00'

I have Tickr, but really don't use it anymore. It is fully functional.

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With the widespread use of smartphone-like notifications, RSS has become a thing of the past IMO.

RSS is actually very much alive and how you get the notifications, Google and Samsung news. Many applications use this to share information, but it is used under the hood, so you don't even know you are using it. Twitter and Facebook use this regularly. Half of the ads on the internet utilize this to attack, i mean attract customers.


Why didn't I think of this before?

I've always found it very interesting as a concept but never really used it much. Not actively anyway.

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I tried it back in Windows 95 days and you potentially get a lot of bad RSS feeds. Always thought it a possible security vector issue so stopped using it!

RSS is still the best way to keep up with the news that I ACTUALLY care about for me.

I‘ve been using it to follow EFF and The Markup primarily, but I am looking to expand that in the future.
Whenever I do expand it, I‘ll list it in the news section of my website


Call me old school...

QuiteRSS on Zorin Lite 16.2

I used to use Google Reader, and before that maybe one of those portal pages whose content was aggregrating a bunch of feeds you chose. On Windows, I've been using the online service Feedly.

(And for those Google Reader fans out there even a decade after Google terminated it, you might be interested in this recent article {which I discovered by newsfeed naturally}: The Verge - Who Killed Google Reader?)

For me a newsreader is a great way to quickly scan and access lots of stories from all around the web.

Another benefit (IMHO): it's on my terms. I decide when I read (usually setting aside some time in the morning with a coffee and a snack), instead of being pinged at incessantly throughout the day.

However I've noticed that as I've been adding more feeds to QuiteRSS, the computer has been slowing to a crawl or even freezing completely. Quitting QuiteRSS doesn't necessarily fix it, but it only seems to happen when I'm using QuiteRSS, so I think I'll have to try something else.

Any suggestions for another newsreader?


I have two:

GNOME Feeds and KDE Akregator.


I also still read RSS, with Vivaldi Browser's built-in reader.

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Instead of manually searching for and choosing the feeds, you are bombarded with AI choices based on your choices...though you wouldn't realize that they are using the RSS protocol to aggregate available headlines.

I don't use any particular software to find and read anything of interest to me at the time. Even the tech industry still allows email subscribers, with latest news, topic specific articles and such. That is still the way I get any of my web literature.

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It is an algorithm. Nothing as advanced as an AI and I must be quite clear... GPT is also not Artificial Intelligence. It is a very advanced bit of programming that resembles or simulates heuristic learning. But it does not use intelligence to resolve an answer. It uses templates that match up data.
Calling it AI is marketing, not factual.
We have not yet achieved AI and calling what we currently have "AI" is getting way ahead of ourselves and very misleading. I have dinosaur bones to pick with the media for promoting it this way.

The Social Algorithms used to feed information to the public based on their interest bubbles lacks any Intelligence whatsoever. It is, in fact, short sighted and self defeating.

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I forgot I also downloaded Raven Reader months ago but as an app image so it didn't appear in my menu. Raven's eye candy approach looked nice at first but for me it quickly got frustrating as it's a completely different paradigm than what I'm used to for quickly scanning and managing newsfeeds.

I installed Liferea which is more up my street.

But last night I had my first freeze-up without QuiteRSS running. So it looks like just changing feed readers isn't going to fix the problem :frowning: