App Bar sometimes disappear after a Black Screen

Hi guys. I'm Italian, I start to use Zorin OS a few mouths ago. Nowadays I change my PC and I restart with a new installation of the OS (Core) copying after that my old data and settings. Now, sometimes after a powersaving black screen, on the desktop the App Bar is missing. The OS is functioning and I can open the Gnome lateral bar using the Start key. This is similar to Renzo problems in Jun 2021. How this problem may be fixed? Thanks to all!!! Mauro.

You can test whether the copied over configs are the cause:

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

Reboot and test. If it is working then something in .config-bk was causing the issue. You can sort through .config-bk and transfer over essential unrelated configs you wish to keep.

"copying after that my old data and settings" means about Thunderbird, Firefox and so on. Not for system settings. And the problem happens sometimes, not always, so is not probable there is something in system settings to fix. Any dependencies missing? Is possible?

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Maybe GDM is not fully loading the desktop after returning from sleep.

Ok. What can I do?

Have you tried alt+F2 and running the letter r to refresh the desktop after log in?

I will try. Thanks!

I see I made a Typo - corrected above.

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