App Lock For Zorin?

I wanted to know if there is any app lock software for zorin os, just like the ones you get in android and when you use pkexec? so everytime you open that app it will ask for your password?


I don’t know if this works but you can try replacing NOPASSWD with PASSWD for the suggestion here?

Another site wrote that the line will start with %sudo instead of %admin.

What about Encryption? Or is locking the app from even opening, your goal?

PASSWD will ask password for every app right? I actually wanted to lock a specific app, not encryption too just asking password when I open it as my normal user (not root)

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Oops. Sorry, you wrote “that app” and I read “any app”. You’ve probably already seen this:


One more


This is exactly what I needed, thanks :grinning:

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