Application volume fron m systen tray


is there a way to have the application volume adjusted from the system tray like in "Application Volume mixer"?

I tried to get it installed but the Extension Manager shows it's not supported:

Im running Zorin 17.1 and have already had issues getting some Gnome extensions running. I hope it's not the problem here because I couldn't fix the "Host Connector"-issue before but here's what shows:

(Although the GNOME Shell Integration extension is running, the Native Host connector was not detected. See documentation for instructions on how to install the connector.)

Thanks for your help!

No, this Extension is only until Gnome 42 and on Zorin You have Gnome 43. theoretically you could install Gnome 42 from the Ubuntu Repo's but then You could have Problems with other Extensions.

I don't know if it is the same that You want but maybe the Advanced Volume Control could be an Alternative.

I better don't change running system that immense for that small purpose :wink:

Advanced Volume Control
is changing the volume for the sound interfaces, I am trying to find an extension to change the volume for the application using a sound interface. like in the Zorin settings but from the sys tray.
Like it appears in Audio in the setting menu:

but more easy operable from the system tray, like here:

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Also Extended Volume Indicator does it but it's again not compatible :unamused:

Hmm ... I know Quick Settings Tweaker but I don't know if it delivers the specific Adjustment what You want. It is more a Way to customize the Quick Settings. And there are some Audio Options, too. But I don't think that this will help You ...