'Applications' Missing from U.I

What happened to 'Applications' to the right of the Zorin drop menu? Without it there is no way to get to System Tools. I need to adjust the Updater schedule.

The Applications drop menu disappeared after I upgraded from 16 Pro to 17 Pro. Anyone know how to get it back?

Do You mean the Applications Button in the Top Bar?

You can use the App Grid to start a Program. Push the Super (Windows) Button. On the Dock at the Bottom You click on the Symbol at the right Side with the 9 Squares. Then You have the Programs Overview. Or You are using with the Search Bar at the Top for the Program what You need.

In my chosen Zorin Appearance Layout ("macBook") there is no 'Taskbar Settings' anywhere to be found. So, I chose one of the other layouts (they have no labels) that features a top taskbar, and lo and behold there was right-click 'Taskbar Settings', but no 'add element' did I find.

Of course, fiddling with another layout hosed all of my customization, which I had to redo upon returning to my favorite layout. I've exhausted every idea I have to find a means of restoring, from 16 Pro, an Applications item on the Taskbar. Consequently, I have no means of launching any of the bundled applications from the U.I. That can only be done using Dash. Searching Dash for 'Applications' and 'Main Menu' returns no results. But even then I would only be able to right-click, Pin to Dash, not the Taskbar.

For me 17 Pro has been a frustrating "upgrade" and not worth the price or trouble. An upgrade should include significant improvements to user interface functionality. Instead, 17 went backwards taking some away.