How can i view applications icons in folder /usr/share/apps instead of gear?

I do not understand what you mean by "gear." Can you please rephrase the question?

I am sorry, its my fault, its not a gear, its a document icon

Can you show a screenshot?

Or are you talking about the File Manager showing in Icon view and wanting details view?

You can change using the icon to the right of the search button (top right).

So they are .desktop files. .desktop files are text files that detail an application, its icon etc.

So they won't display the actual application icon, rather the default icon for a text file.

It should be showing the icons. I have never seen anything like what the screenshot above shows. Here is mine on Zorin 16 Beta:

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Have you associated .desktop files with the text editor?

Yes, they default to Xed.
Though as I do a double-take on the OP's screenshot, I notice that all the files are listed as .desktop. Very few of mine are.

Mine does the same:

Maybe a gnome/nautilus issue?

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Doink* I am using Cinnamon D.E. with Nemo... I must be doing way too much .css. My brain is fried.
I did not even think of it.

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