Applying Desktop Effect

im trying to apply the KDE version of Burn My Windows. I found the desired effect tar.gz file but i dont know how to go about applying it.

right click the tar.gz file and reply if there is an extract option

there is an extract option

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ok now extract it

once its extracted what directory do i place it in?

wait wait can you share a screenshot of the files inside the extracted folder?

I think you need to run it in terminal, try right clicking the blank space inside the extracted folder, and then either send me a screenshot or copy-paste the output of the terminal here, without writing yes or no for installation.

many a times i have installed kde and it crashes after a few days, leading it to me deleting the entire OS altogether.

the thing is that even though i have not used much of kde, but i am very sure that it runs on ubuntu's package manager (apt).

right clicking doesn't give me the option to run in terminal

oh ok

can you try the steps in this website?

How to install tar.gz file on Linux - Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration

its night in my area, so @Aravisian, or @StarTreker, or anybody can be my placeholder and help me fix this issue. cuz i gotta sleep. Goodnight guys :wink:

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Can you try this out by switching the button on?
Burn My Windows - GNOME Shell Extensions

because this is the way that worked for me in other distros i have used.

i tried that too. no go. i just found out that im not running the adequate kwin version to apply the desktop effect. idk how i would update that but im dead in the water for now

I have no idea. I have not really use KDE or the KWIN window manager.

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