Apps look very choppy with 144hz refresh rate

I'm running Zorin OS 16.2 on a laptop and an external monitor, both set to 144hz refresh rate. The problem is they don't look 144hz, 60hz at best. Is this a problem with the nvidia drivers?

Did you check the nvidia x server settings ?

it displays the external monitor as 144hz, is there something specific I should check for?

On my side everything is set to auto, i changed it in the screenshot but it should look like this.

What gpu do you have and what driver are you using ?

this is what I have, I have GTX 1060 GPU and using 525 proprietary drivers

I see you have a prime profile, which means there is another gpu and probably using as first gpu for low tasks. The nvidia will kick in for heavy tasks such as gaming.

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yeah I guess, is that what's affecting the refresh rate? if so, is there a solution for it?

In your prime profile select the nvidia card.

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That would be performance mode, not on-demand.

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