Are we able to keep vertical workspaces with Zorin 17?

I haven't yet tried Zorin OS 17 and I don't have a spare machine right now to test things. I read the blogpost about Zorin 17 changes, and I see that there were changes in multitasking. One of the best things I love about Zorin 16 is the vertical workspaces, I grew really fond of it and it feels more natural to me than horizontal ones.

So basically my question is the title, is there a setting for it to keep it vertical, or can someone who already uses the 17 Beta see if the V-Shell Gnome extension works properly with the new mainline version?

Shell extension says it supports Gnome 43, so it should be supported. I tried to install it myself right now but it's not doing anything, and it doesn't appear listed on the extensions manager. You will have to try once the stable version gets released.

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I tried with an extension called "workspace switcher manager" and there seems to be an option to do that, but, even if the workspaces are switched as up-down visuals with it, you still need to move the three fingers left-right on the laptop. Kind of makes sense, as the up-down input is already assigned to entering the workspaces overview, but feels so off to use that it's better to get used to horizontal workspaces.

I'll keep searching extensions and let you know if I find something that implements this well enough

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Cool spiral effect:

Also add this to the customizing Zorin 17 guide for those who want vertical workspaces:

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Just updated to ZorinOS 17 stable, and can can confirm this extension works.

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