Are you happy with Zorin OS?

Nope! Now, it's a white hat but, used to be gray hat! :wink: hahaha

Of course I am happy! It is best distribution for people who start adventure,beginning for people who out from windows to linux.
Zorin help me understable linux well the people in this forum most help me understable Zorin distribution and linux.
One people sayed the all linux distributions are the same. He "all" have in mind the mostly the same kernel with diffrent desktop enviroment and recompiling package. That is all.
I am now sitting on LMDE6 because LMDE 6 leverages the long-term release of Linux Kernel 6.1, which allows you to leverage experimental support for Rust (google translator)

Noice! Had no idea that dropped. I've got Mint on another little netbook deal. MATE surprisingly sits around 700MB on idle :eyes: I used to get a battery display of around 18hrs+ or so on it, but had Ubuntu MATE instead of Mint MATE.. maybe different somehow? Meh - works, not complaining. Definitely trying out Zorin17 on it when it drops!! I just got 15 32-bit going on an old old laptop, 'designed for XP' lol not a bad little laptop now - just heavy.. and a brick :laughing:

About Mate i put in Linux News history desktop Mate.

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I love Zorin OS. It has been my best Linux experience ever. No comparison. It is so user friendly. I was a huge Windows fanboy for years and hated Linux as I found the sheer amount of distros daunting and learning commands to be a pain. My coworker mentioned Zorin and I was immediately impressed. Made a live USB to install it. Now I've been running Zorin OS for 8 months and I've never looked back. I wish all computers ran it. It runs almost all my Windows applications right out of the box by default. I'm so excited for Zorin OS 17 and can't wait for it to release. I appreciate the work the developers have done to make this such a polished system.


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Propably this will be before windows 12 will be released soon. Every version Zorin was released before new version windows was released.

I love Zorin OS, except for the continual issue I have with the Software Updates which I have created a separate post on. Other than that issue it is close to perfect I think. I never thought I could use LInux as a daily driver, but switched from Windows 10 home to Zorin in Dec 2020 and have been using it as my daily driver ever since. That being said, I have over many other computers and still use Windows computers for Gaming and audio production.

Its stability is remarkable compared to other distros ive tried. good bones. cant beat the support it comes with if your new to this linux thing like i am/was!

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The only gripe i have is not having kde as a version of choice natively. I installed via terminal but would just as easily go kubuntu/neon/endeavorOS for native and rolling releases for DE improvements. Im happy with zorin for what it is though aside from that subjective issue.

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My Beelink is dual-booting Windows and Zorin, a new and an old laptop are straight Zorin, and a old slow laptop is running Garuda KDE-lite - lol.
My wife's Beelink is a Windows and Zorin dual boot - with Zorin also the basis of running our interior server - being Ubuntu-based - it is qualified - lol. Her Zen laptop is dual-boot as well. and her little laptop is her Garuda lab. Zorin wins here with Windows only kept for specialized software. With Garuda a Linux lab.

openSUSE Tumbleweed now. The weaknesses aren't in Zorin OS, per se, but are because of its base:

  1. Ubuntu base: Cannot create a multi-disk full disk encryption installation. To do so is overly complicated and takes a long, long time; whereas, with Calamares, I can easily create a complicated FDE installation in the same amount of time (or close to it) as Zorin/Ubuntu
  2. LTE Kernel: I had a problem with that earlier, as demonstrated on a forum post and, just recently, had a problem installing a Lutris game. Okay, I get it, it is either Steam's fault or the fault of game developers. Regardless of whose fault it is, I, as the user, am not able to use more modern software due to the LTE kernel
  3. Out-of-date Packages: Due to the LTS nature of the kernel/OS, packages are extremely out-of-date by the end of the LTS life cycle. I had problems with mesa requirements, as I've talked about on the forums.

I was going to purchase Zorin OS 17 Pro, for both me and my GF, but I think it will now be only for my GF. I wish they would do an MX-Linux style "AHS" kernel, then, I would never leave Zorin.

openSUSE Tumbleweed is an excellent distribution and the most stable rolling release experience, in my opinion. Highly recommend it, if you're not satisfied with Zorin OS.

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Yep, I agree with the above. But even Tumbleweed sometimes has stability issues that need to be dealt with from time to time. What you're describing about ZorinOS or Ubuntu are actually very useful design decisions. It's simply not what you need, and that's all right.

Since you were willing to make a second purchase of Pro, please consider using that money, or some of it, for other projects instead. As you mentioned MX Linux, I'd suggest that.

Zorin is far better than MX Linux . MX is like Windows in the world of Linux. Too bloated, too many unneeded apps, ugly , slow.

OpenSuse is really good distro, on par with Arch. Arch is the best in terms of "up to date", "latest apps" "performance".

Zorin is great, beautiful, good performance. But what bothers me here is really old base, even Debian has faster updates. No real support from devs. I saw them like 1-2 times per year actually posting something here. Luckily we have really good people here who is helping us ( otherwise no support). I think that paying PRO version something should go to them also.


I am really not sure what you mean here. Debian has a two to even three year release cycle. ZorinOS is based on Ubuntu which in turn is based on Debian backports/testing.

There is a lot of support from the developers, actually. You get the support through constant updates and fixes. Additionally, on the Pro version, you get immediate direct support.


I tried today Openbsd. Very interesting this distribution. Experience with discovery new operating systems are like a jumping from one hole rabbit to another hole rabbit.

Yes it is an older base so if you want the latest and greatest, there are other distributions more suited to your taste.

Zorin may have an older version of a Ubuntu but you are missing the fact that Zorin has their own repositories too whereby they back port many applications to newer versions at their point release. In addition, they have done a lot of work to make all applications look uniform.

Zorin is fantastic to a new Linux user minimizing friction in a new environment to get things done. From there they can go to Arch or MX Linux or Gentoo if they want. I started out on Linux about 6 years ago and have tried everything out there from Solus to Endeavor to Fedora to Ubuntu to Open Suse to name a few. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I like Zorin because when I need to do something advanced, I can. I value my time and that is the most important feature for me thus why I gravitate to Zorin for its stability. The software center is the best out there integrating successfully Flatpaks, Snaps, AppImages, and Debian/Ubuntu packages without hiccups. I always find what I need for software with Zorin. Most times, the software is relatively new. Sometimes it is not but most often, it does not matter how old the package is.

Again, Zorin is unique. If you want something good looking that works with the least amount of friction, Zorin is for you. If you want problems or unique tools or the newest shinny software, there are other choices you might prefer. :v:

After using things that break when you least want it, Zorin and Mint are my daily distributions that I trust to work flawlessly.


Zorin is ok for people who want start beginning with linux. You can learning many desktops and enviroments. It hard to broken this Zorin distribution.

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