Are you my neighbor?

I created a new thread so that we can talk freely about where we came from :slight_smile:


Nice :smiley:


You are full of surprises @FrenchPress and the title made me laugh so hard :joy:


Me too hahaha


The title is like a horror movie name lol


My heart is Japanese if that counts :purple_heart:


And also the title reminded me of the game "Hello Neighbor" which is also kinda horror game.

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I am all open for any suggestion for the thread title.
I know nothing about that game but if you think it is too scary, we can change it to something else.

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I have another malayali with me. @madhavan assemble.


I had my doubts that one of us too.


i love japan :smiley:


yeah i am also a malayali

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i am from ernakulam


No I think the title sounds good. It sounds more funny than scary. And about that game I've never played it so I cannot say how scary it actually is. I suggest not to change the title. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Same bro.


There was a time when someone once said...

Won't you be my neighbor?

It was a different time then, a better time. And that man there, was perhaps one of the best human beings in the world. He did manage to get one final message out to everybody after the 9/11 attack, and then he was never heard from again.

We live in a different world now, I don't think shows like that would work. And plus, nobody, and I mean nobody, could ever replace Mr. Rodgers, for he was the best.


nobody heard from him because he sadly passed away shortly(a year and 6 months) after the attack


Yes I know. I also know that they had to fight hard to get him motivated enough to get out of bed to deliver that message, the man was severely depressed, poor guy. :frowning_face: I'll miss him forever.


I miss his shows. I used to watch him.

I was near 9/11 NYC epicenter. 3 to 5 minutes walk away at school. My first year of college/university just started a few days ago.

Came outta the City Hall subway station around 8:50AM and saw people standing outside the school building staring at a burning tower. I went to class thinking it was only a fire. Class was then cancelled midway when the second tower was hit by a second plane. When told to head to the basement floor and once I was there, I saw everyone staring at the tiny TV on the wall with the burning towers.

I searched for and bought 6 bottles of water and bags of cookies from vending machines just in case I got stuck. Others then just smashed them after me to get to the contents.

The second plane hitting the tower already cemented the idea of a terrorist attack and and that it wasn't an accident.

Some people in the school building were franctic, others, dazed, when the first tower collapsed. A few fainted and also collapsed.

I rushed to the ground floor. I looked outside and saw people running. Then the dust started rushing down the street like a grey avalanche. After a while I then touched one of the tens of feet high windows facing the remaining towers and it was hot. As the A/C was turned off and I felt stuffy, I wanted to walk outside with the now "snowing" dust.

I saw a cop outside run towards my door coming in to escape the heat and dust. He had 4 inches of dust on his shoulders, head, and all over him. I told him to stay and rest, then gave him a bottle of water. He ran back out again to help others and I never saw him again.

Everyone was trying to call home, waiting on line for a payphone. I got to my turn after 45 minutes wait. I forgot what my cell service was, but, it didn't work as most signal towers were on the twin towers. I remembered only Nextel or something worked.

As Manhattan island was on lockdown, all transportation ended. Some students and professors walked uptown Manhattan via Broadway. Other schools and residents joined. I stayed indoors for a bit longer.

The second tower then collapsed later on and I saw it on a small TV. Again, dust flowed like grey snow in a mountainous avalanche, but, in a concrete jungle. The thick windows were even hotter to touch now and I saw holes in them, when pierced by projectiles flung from the previously collapsing buildings.

After that, I tried to find some of the classmates I got separated with. But, no luck. The small hospital next to the school was overflowing with casualties. I started seeing people walking on to Brooklyn Bridge outside.

I decided to leave and walked outside and started to have the dust fall on me too, although not as much as before. I walked onto the Brooklyn Bridge with just wet tissue from a bottle of water I bought before, and my sleeves. A nurse next to me saw me and gave me an extra surgical mask. I thanked her and we never saw each other again.

After a trek on the bridge, I was in Brooklyn. I forgot how, but, when I got through to my family on the payphone before, we made plans to meet up in Brooklyn if I can get there. They somehow found me and I found them with the family van waiting.

It was around 2:15PM.

To this day, thinking of the cop makes me weep.

(My school lost a few teachers and hundreds of alumni. It had a satellite campus on a floor of one of the towers. Others were employees of companies in them.)


Because I watched the same footage you did on TV, I remember that as well. But I obviously never experienced the physical experience that you did, as I don't live in NYC. But your story was truly captivating, I couldn't take my eyes off it, and had to read the whole thing.

It was told from a writers perspective as well, reminds me exactly how I would have written it, if I were to tell the same kind of story. I am truly sorry that you had to go through all that, including the awful shred of humanity who steal from other's during a crisis.

I always told myself that in real life, people would never act like the kids in Lord OF The Flies. But after reading your story, I must confess, I was wrong, and when the poop hits the fan, humans just choose to act like animals. They should have never done that to you.

You guys were in a bad situation enough as it is, they could have act like decent human beings and asked to have a cookie and some water. But no, they had to prounce on you like Tigers and steal. Just sick, absolutely sick.

At least the cop was decent, and clearly one of the good ones. Cops get a very bad rep these days cause there are some real bad ones. I am happy to know you had a good cop you met, just wish we knew what happen to him in the end.

Because I have been through great tragedy myself, more then most people have, I have a high tolerance for pain and awfulness. Which is why I did not have tears through most of your story, until................

After all that you had been through, reading how you met back up with your parents, you found each other in all that, reunited, thats when I began shedding tears of diamonds down my face. IMHO, that was the best result you could have had at the end of your story.

Most people don't know what its like to be alone without their parents until they do, and its the most awful feeling in the world, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.


I may not be able to say your name properly, but just know, you have a friend in me. :hugs: