Asking for themes setup

hey i downloaded a theme from i installed it after that what shall i do to apply that

by the way i installed this theme

Then you go to Zorin Appearance --> Theme --> Other

For clarity:
By "installed" did you extract the theme directory into your ~/.themes folder or to /usr/share/themes folder?

I think it's an icon theme, so it goes to ~/.icons or to /usr/share/icons

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Thanks, I was not paying proper attention. My brain stopped at "Theme" :wink:

i tried to paste that folder into /home/zsarthak/.wine/dosdevices/z:/usr/share/icons

this location but it does'nt paste
so itried to extract it directly there but then it shows this

The tilde or ~ means home directory. The . means it's a system dir or file (hidden). icons is the title of the dir. This is where your custom icons should go, then open the settings again to refresh the options and your icon set should be displayed in the available choices.

Are you using these icons for zorin or wine? If wine, make sure the application is closed and use sudo cp to transfer them to the wine dir.


That is a Linux icon set. It should not go in WINE.
For the User:
/home/zsarthak/.icons (Shorthand as: ~/.icons)
Or System-wide:


I was confused because the directory he was attempting to send them to is a wine dir. I'm not really sure what he is attempting to accomplish... using the icons in his system and wine, wine, or thinking he needs to access the Microsoft- like configuration to install them.

There are icons, cursors and themes on that page... depends on which one he downloaded.