Asking myself do I still want to use Gnome

The main reason I tried Zorin16 because I deleted my partition of Arch and Manjaro by accident, I always use KDE and I always like it for its customizability out of the box. I know I can install ZorinOs with KDE, but that just feels weird because that will just become Kubuntu.

Gnome is good, but... I hate it sometimes because it just doesn't work for me. 90% I will probably go back to Arch because it is the best experience I had. I just don't have the time to spend time installing another distro because exams were coming in fast.

Maybe I will still use ZorinOs like Linux Mint for something else.

What exactly about Gnome is not working for? I, and I am sure many other's, would appreciate some clarification on that with some specifics.

What we do know, is that XFCE allows more customisability out of the box. And we also know, that XFCE is designed from the get go, to do what Gnome needs some extensions to do.

But other then just taking the time to install those extensions to get that functionality, what are the serious reasons, why you just can't do Gnome? Cause I'd really like to know.

I personally have been using Gnome, cause thats what POP OS came with, and thats what Zorin OS PRO came with. I accepted what I got, and I made it work for me.


You know what I think I will just use this for longer, maybe for the whole year.

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You could stay at least till the Zorin 16 Lite is released.
You can test it then decide whether you want to leave Zorin or not.

You have been very helpful in this forum and I would miss you greatly if you decided to leave us :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I'm going to download the lite xfce on my pro 16 when it comes out, just to see how it is.

Maybe official version on 16 Pro Lite will be more than enough for me to not need much tweaking. I haven't tweaked excessively on gnome yet.

Although I do miss snapping windows, tiling, or split/quad windows on my tiny 13.3" 1080p screen. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I haven't gotten extended desktop on tablet working effortlessly yet.


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