Audio glitches most of the time

Hi, everyone!
I'm having some audio glitches... it's a noise that sometimes can be heard while I'm reproducing music or videos. The strange is this: I just recorded a .mkv sample file from Youtube with the issue using OBS, then I extracted the audio using a web browser converter. After that, when I reproduce the audio sample, this time it does not have the noise! What I do noticed is that if I turn off Desktop Audio in OBS while I'm recording , and letting only the Audio Output Capture (Pulse Audio) on, it does not capture any noise.
Any ideas about what could be the culprit?
Thanks in advance!

Right off the bat, ensure your Cell phone or other interference causing electronics are not near your speakers.
My Cell phone causes this issue if I forgetfully set it down on the desk near the speaker.

When i have wifi and mobile also bluetooth i can hearing reference in my amplifier tube lamp. Maybe poor cable screened cable. or could be on cabinet or usb, jack something with grounding. The another possible codecs or audio card. It is many possibilities what it could be. Radiation other devices. Microphone could be reference also.

Thanks for your replies, guys!
I had my cellphone close, but not too close... about 1.5 meters away. The strange is what I just mentioned about letting Desktop Audio off in OBS, since doing that no noise can be heard.

Is it possible it is some resonance ? When my gpu is on heavy load it has a bit resonance

You could also try

kilall pulseaudio

to reset the audio output.

It could be. I'll be checking that possibility.

"kilall" or "killall"? I think is the latter, right?

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It is the latter, killall

Typos with terminal commands can be fun:

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